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Auto Makers are Rolling Out Improved Infotainment Systems

» Posted May 23, 2018Resources

New cars come equipped with all different types of modern features ranging from safety equipment to new options for satellite traffic and maps. While cars have changed in many important ways compared with just a decade or two ago, car manufacturers are still trying to find new ways to innovate.  Unfortunately, sometimes all this new technology ends up not working properly and causing problems. A California lemon law attorney can provide help to car owners who experience repeated issues with any of the features of their new vehicles.

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Thinking of Buying a Car? Prepare to Pay More

» Posted May 21, 2018Resources

If you will soon be purchasing a new car, you should be aware that you could be looking at higher costs. In fact, CNBC is warning that car buyers should expect to face sticker shock when they next visit an auto dealer.

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Avoid Buying a Lemon: Professionals Can Make Car Buying Easy

» Posted May 18, 2018Resources

Do you hate the hassle associated with buying a new car? The process can be fraught with difficulties as you try to find a vehicle that is affordable and that won't have problems after you purchase it. If your new vehicle does turn out to have defects, California lemon law lawyers can help you to pursue remedies. But, if you end up getting a bad deal on the car because you didn't do your research and reach a good bargain with the dealer, there's no remedy for overpaying.

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Straight Talk: How Using it Can Get You the Best Deal When Car Shopping

» Posted May 16, 2018Resources

Buying a car is not a fun process for some, especially because a car is an expensive purchase and many different things can go wrong after the transaction is complete. If you're buying a new car, you need to know how to protect your financial interests by getting a good deal at the dealership. You also need to know what your legal rights are and what remedies are available to you if your car turns out to be defective. A California car lemon lawyer can help you in these situations.

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Toyota Faces Potential Legal Battle Over Prius Defects

» Posted May 14, 2018Resources

Those who purchase new cars have the right to expect to receive a vehicle that is free from defects – especially defects that could compromise vehicle safety. Unfortunately, many cars are sold with serious problems. A California lemon law attorney can provide help to car buyers of defective vehicles in understanding how the law protects them and can offer assistance in pursuing appropriate remedies.

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