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10 Rules For Dealing With An Auto Dealer

» Posted July 28, 2017Resources

Buying a car can be one of the most stressful things that a person can do. Unfortunately, many car buyers end up having a bad experience because a dealer treats them unfairly or because they buy a car that turns out to be a lemon.  Consumers have some protections available to them, including the California car lemon law, but they are still very vulnerable to losing a lot of money when buying a car.

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Safety Exemptions for Self-Driving Cars

» Posted July 21, 2017Resources

Consumers expect their cars to operate properly and have customary safety features. There are laws, like the California lemon law, that provide strong protections to owners of defective vehicles.  Many regulations also exist at the state and federal level for further consumer protection.

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Is Leaking Exhaust Making Drivers Sick?

» Posted July 14, 2017Resources

Drivers have a right to expect the vehicles they drive will be reasonably safe and free of serious defects. Unfortunately, many recalls in recent years have shown that cars are often sold with big problems. Motorists need to understand what their rights are and an Orange County lemon law attorney can provide assistance to drivers who end up buying cars that have serious issues.

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How to Get a Good Deal on a Car and Avoid Being Ripped Off

» Posted June 30, 2017Resources

Consumers are at risk of loss from dishonest dealers who overcharge them or sell them vehicles with serious problems.  Motorists could also lose money if the car they buy turns out to have numerous defects. The good news is that California’s Lemon Law can protect many car buyers under these circumstances.

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How to Buy a Used Car in the Age of Widespread Recalls

» Posted June 23, 2017Resources

Car buyers need to be aware of what the law does, and does not require of car sellers and car manufacturers. While laws like California’s Lemon Law can provide some protection to purchasers of defective cars, other regulations can be very lax. For example, used car dealers are allowed to sell cars with open recalls, even if they have not fixed the issue that prompted the recall. 

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History's Most Famous Automotive Scandals

» Posted June 16, 2017Resources

Car companies should act quickly when they identify a defect, including alerting consumers and taking swift action to make repairs.  They should also respond appropriately to consumer complaints and honor all warranties to help car-buyers protect their investment. Unfortunately, many car makers don't do what is right. Consumers who experience car defects may need help from a San Diego lemon law attorney to get problems resolved with their vehicles.

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GM Pays $1 Million To Settle SEC Claims Over Ignition Switch Issues

» Posted May 26, 2017Resources

Car makers should do the right thing when there are problems with vehicles, but this does not always happen. A lack of willingness on the part of car manufacturers to step up to the plate and solve problems is one big reason why consumer protection laws are so important.

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Cars Have Gotten a Lot Safer, but There's Still Room for Improvement

» Posted May 19, 2017Resources

Although there have been many problems with vehicle defects lately, cars in general have gotten a lot safer.  Today's cars have many safety features that past vehicles lacked.  Cars are safer today than they have ever been, but there is still room for improvement.

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The Lowest-Rated Cars of 2016

» Posted May 12, 2017Resources

Given the high expense of buying a car, consumers expect their vehicles will last and be reliable. Unfortunately, all too often this expectation is not met. Some drivers end up purchasing cars that are very problematic.  If a driver has problems with her new car, it is important the driver understand her rights under California car lemon law.

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Two Features in Modern Cars that Cause Major Complaints

» Posted April 28, 2017Resources

A California lemon law lawyer provides assistance to car owners whose vehicles cause them repeated problems. Unfortunately, as cars have become more complex and there are an ever-increasing number of computerized car parts, costly and complex car problems have become very common. Motorists may find themselves increasingly frustrated with vehicle components that don't work properly and could end up going back to manufacturers time and again to make fixes.

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