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GM Reviewing Safety of Panoramic Sunroofs

» Posted February 28, 2018Resources

Many cars are, unfortunately, released with safety issues and even serious defects. When problems arise on a new vehicle that you have purchased, you should contact a Los Angeles lemon law attorney to get help understanding your options.

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Electronic Loan Contracts: Some Dealers Are Using Them to Scam Buyers

» Posted February 26, 2018Resources

San Diego lemon law attorneys provide help to car buyers whose vehicles have turned out to have serious problems after purchase. Buying a defective car can result in substantial financial loss since cars are so expensive. However, it is not just problems with a vehicle that can end up costing you money during the car buying process.  As Jalopnik explains, car dealers are now using electronic loan contracts to scam buyers.

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7 Costly Misconceptions About Auto Loans

» Posted February 23, 2018Resources

Many car buyers do not fully understand the vehicle buying process and don't know their rights. You should know about the consumer protection laws that protect you and should consult with a San Diego lemon law attorney if you experience problems with a vehicle you own. You should also make certain that you understand car loans before you apply for a loan.

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Flood Damaged Cars: Concerns and Safety Tips

» Posted February 21, 2018Resources

If you buy a new vehicle with serious problems, a Los Angeles lemon law lawyer can provide you with help taking action to protect yourself from loss.

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How to Get the Best Car Dealership Experience

» Posted February 19, 2018Resources

A San Diego lemon law attorney can provide help if you have problems after you have purchased a new car if your vehicle has problems. Buying a car can be a stressful endeavor, as it is expensive to purchase a vehicle and many consumers don't really know how to protect their interests during the car buying transaction.

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Undercover Sting Catches Illegal Car Dealers

» Posted February 16, 2018Resources

Car buyers make a big investment and while there are some laws to protect them, such as the Los Angeles Lemon Law, many vehicle buyers who are victims of scams end up having essentially no recourse. This is especially true in circumstances where buyers purchase vehicles from illegal car dealers.

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What You Need to Know About Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

» Posted February 14, 2018Resources

Whether you buy new or used cars, it is important to understand the different types of consumer protection laws that apply, such as the Orange County lemon law. 

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Why Dealers are Indifferent If They Can't Fix Your New Vehicle

» Posted February 12, 2018Resources

If your new vehicle has problems, the California lemon law can protect you from loss.  Unfortunately, many people who experience issues with their vehicles have difficulty getting their cars fixed.

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Lawmakers Seek Study on the Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles

» Posted February 9, 2018Resources

The technology for self-driving vehicles is rapidly developing and many hope that self-driving cars will make the roads safer by preventing the types of human errors that result in auto accidents.  There are approximately 35,000 people killed in auto accidents annually, and an estimated 94 percent of collisions occur due to human errors, so the hope is these cars will save many lives.

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Paying Attention to Car Safety Ratings is Essential

» Posted February 7, 2018Resources

When you buy a vehicle, the California lemon law provides important consumer protections in case problems arise. Your goal when car shopping is likely to purchase a reliable vehicle so you won't have to deal with repeated repairs. You also want to make sure that the car you are purchasing will keep you and your family safe.

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