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Two Features in Modern Cars that Cause Major Complaints

» Posted April 28, 2017Resources

A California lemon law lawyer provides assistance to car owners whose vehicles cause them repeated problems. Unfortunately, as cars have become more complex and there are an ever-increasing number of computerized car parts, costly and complex car problems have become very common. Motorists may find themselves increasingly frustrated with vehicle components that don't work properly and could end up going back to manufacturers time and again to make fixes.

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10 Scary Vehicle Defects

» Posted April 21, 2017Resources

Any motorist whose car has serious defects needs to know what his or her rights are. A skilled lemon law attorney can provide assistance to motorists in understanding their options for resolving problems with new vehicles that have repeated defects.

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Carfax Says 34% Of Cars on The Road Have Unrepaired Recall Issues

» Posted April 17, 2017Resources

Car recalls have been occurring in record numbers in recent years. Although manufacturers provide motorists with instructions for how to get problems fixed in case of a recall, actually resolving the issues that prompted the recalls is not always easy. 

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Carmax Has Settled Charges It Sold Cars with Unrepaired Defects

» Posted April 14, 2017Resources

Automobile consumers should remain skeptical that car dealerships and manufacturers always sell cars that are safe to drive.

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Even Certified Used Cars Could Have Serious Defects

» Posted April 10, 2017Resources

If you buy a new or certified pre-owned car you may assume that the car is safe. You probably believe that it has been checked out by the manufacturer and the dealer to ensure that it will function properly. Unfortunately, even when the car is brand new or is certified, there could be safety defects or serious problems that impact vehicle operations. A San Diego lemon law attorney can assist you in understanding what options you have when faced with vehicle problems.

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Rollaway Risks in Fiat Chrysler Cars Concern Experts

» Posted April 7, 2017Resources

If you believe that you have successfully parked your car, you may be surprised if the car starts to roll on its own. A moving car that is not controlled and that a driver expects is parked can be a dangerous thing. That car could roll into someone, causing an accident that results in injuries or even fatalities. USA Today reported on one fatal incident recently with a rollaway car that allegedly led to the June death of an actor named Anton Yelchin.

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Despite Known Risks, Defective Takata Airbags are Still Being Installed

» Posted April 5, 2017Resources

Since 2008, serious problems with Takata airbags have become a major concern when it comes to vehicle safety.

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Which Car Makers Have the Worst Record for Recalls?

» Posted April 3, 2017Resources

When a car turns out to be defective, consumers should be protected from loss due to problems with their new vehicle. Motorists whose cars have repeated issues can talk with a Sacramento lemon law firm to find out if they have any legal recourse. Motorists should also be informed about recalls if many cars from the same maker turn out to be defective. Usually, if a defect is discovered, the car manufacturer will recall all of the problem cars, and motorists will be able to get their vehicles fixed or potentially sell back the defective car.

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Amazon Is Taking Steps Towards Disrupting Traditional Car Dealers

» Posted March 31, 2017Resources

Laws like the California car lemon law are aimed at helping purchasers of new cars when vehicles turn out to be defective. Unfortunately, even with some consumer protection laws and regulations in place, the car buying process can still be really unpleasant. Many people do not trust car manufacturers and car dealers, often with good reason, and the process of going to a dealership to shop can be a stressful endeavor.

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Dealer Sues the Competition for Failing to Make Recall Repairs

» Posted March 29, 2017Resources

Used car dealers are allowed to sell cars with open recalls and repairs that need to be made. Many consumers are not aware of this and don't realize that they are buying defective cars that could put them in jeopardy. 

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