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Which Car Makers Have the Worst Record for Recalls?

» Posted April 3, 2017Resources

When a car turns out to be defective, consumers should be protected from loss due to problems with their new vehicle. Motorists whose cars have repeated issues can talk with a Sacramento lemon law firm to find out if they have any legal recourse. Motorists should also be informed about recalls if many cars from the same maker turn out to be defective. Usually, if a defect is discovered, the car manufacturer will recall all of the problem cars, and motorists will be able to get their vehicles fixed or potentially sell back the defective car.

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Amazon Is Taking Steps Towards Disrupting Traditional Car Dealers

» Posted March 31, 2017Resources

Laws like the California car lemon law are aimed at helping purchasers of new cars when vehicles turn out to be defective. Unfortunately, even with some consumer protection laws and regulations in place, the car buying process can still be really unpleasant. Many people do not trust car manufacturers and car dealers, often with good reason, and the process of going to a dealership to shop can be a stressful endeavor.

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Dealer Sues the Competition for Failing to Make Recall Repairs

» Posted March 29, 2017Resources

Used car dealers are allowed to sell cars with open recalls and repairs that need to be made. Many consumers are not aware of this and don't realize that they are buying defective cars that could put them in jeopardy. 

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Independent Auto Repairers Checking Cars for Defective Airbags

» Posted March 27, 2017Resources

There are many different rules and regulations which aim to protect those who buy cars that turn out to have serious defects.  For example, the lemon law can provide help to new car buyers, while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a recall process for both newer and older cars that turn out to have serious safety issues.

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The FTC Mandates Used Car Dealers Provide More Info to Car Buyers

» Posted March 24, 2017Resources

Buying a car is a big investment. This is why there are various consumer protection rules, like the California motor vehicle lemon law, which aim to provide protection to motorists who spend money on vehicles. 

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New Vehicle Sales Projected to Stay Strong in 2017

» Posted March 22, 2017Resources

According to Automotive News, the market for new vehicle sales is expected to continue to be strong throughout 2017.  With millions of consumers buying new cars over the course of the year, there is a substantial likelihood that at least some of those vehicle purchasers will end up with a car that has repeated problems. If you are one of the unlucky consumers whose new car suffers from continual issues, you should find out how the California lemon law protects you.

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Luxury Car Fraud Scheme Busted By Undercover Agents

» Posted March 20, 2017Resources

Consumers buying cars could face tremendous potential for financial loss if something goes wrong with a vehicle purchase transaction. Car buyers benefit from some consumer protection in specific cases, such as protections provided by California’s lemon laws. Still, there are many situations in which car buyers end up losing out on their hard-earned money because of dishonest car manufacturers and unscrupulous car dealers.

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For-Hire Automobiles: Some Owners Are Not Getting Their Cars Fixed

» Posted February 24, 2017Resources

Drivers who drive for car sharing services depend on their vehicles for their livelihood. Unfortunately, many of the cars that these drivers own are among the millions of vehicles subject to recalls for serious defects over the last several years.

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VW’s Recall Rates Were High Even Before Their Emission Issues

» Posted February 22, 2017Resources

Car defects can be a major hassle for motorists.  Those who own cars that have defects can find themselves facing a safety risk and having to cope with getting their cars repaired. Because recalls can be such a problem for consumers, it is important for everyone who is buying a car to do research into the reliability of individual makes and models.

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Repair Quotes: Are You Being Scammed?

» Posted February 20, 2017Resources

California’s lemon law provides protection for certain consumers whose new vehicles need repeated repairs. Unfortunately, there are many situations where auto repairs become necessary on both new and used cars.

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