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The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, often referred to as the California Lemon Law, was passed to protect the owners and lessors of troublesome vehicles.  Generally, the CA Lemon Law applies to vehicles which the car dealers have been unable to properly fix after repeated visits under warranty. 

Owners of vehicles that qualify under the California Lemon Law are entitled to a refund of their down payment, monthly finance payments, and to have their vehicle loan paid off in full.  They are also entitled to reimbursement of incidental damages such as costs of repair, rental car expenses, and applicable towing expenses.  If offered by the manufacturer, a consumer may choose to have his or her vehicle replaced with a comparably equipped vehicle instead of having the vehicle repurchased.  With either a repurchase or a replacement, the  auto manufacturer will be entitled to a credit for the mileage driven on the vehicle before it was first taken in for repair of the defect. 

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We are a statewide California Lemon Law office, and we provide free legal consultations to California consumers.  We will explain the important legal issues and procedures of the California Lemon Law to you free of charge.  Our goal with any consultation is to educate the consumer as to their rights and remedies under the California Lemon Law. 

Under the Act, our hourly attorneys fees are paid for by the manufacturer.  We do not request or accept up-front retainer fees from our Lemon Law clients.

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