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Bosch Testing AI System for Monitoring Driver Fatigue, Distraction

» Posted February 5, 2020Resources

Artificial intelligence is already changing the way that we live and work. Now machine learning may also be ready to overhaul the way we drive by making it safer to get to and from a destination.  

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Tesla Autopilot in Fender Bender With a Police Car

» Posted February 3, 2020Resources

A recent run in between a Tesla and a police cruiser highlights ongoing safety concerns regarding the luxury electric car’s semi autonomous autopilot setting.  

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Driverless Trucks Hit the Golden State

» Posted January 31, 2020Resources

The California Department of Motor Vehicles recently announced that it will allow autonomous light duty trucks and cargo vans to be tested on public roads in the Golden State, according to CNBC. Companies using those vehicles will have to register with the DMV, have a “safety driver” on board while testing and meet certain technology and reporting standards.  

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These Car Makers Are Ahead of the Game on New Braking Standards

» Posted January 29, 2020Resources

When it comes to car safety, it is hard to beat a good set of brakes. Four car manufacturers recently reported that they have already hit new goals for emergency braking systems, some three years ahead of the target date.  

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OnStar Knows More About Car Owners Than You May Think

» Posted January 27, 2020Resources

Technology that connects cars to the outside world has revolutionized the way that people get from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between. But, like other technological advances, the rise of satellite—based mapping and other internet-connected bells and whistles designed to make driving smoother can also be taken advantage of for other purposes.  

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