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Car Giveaways: Are They Scams?

» Posted August 13, 2018Resources

Cars are expensive but essential consumer purchases, which is why car shopping can be so fraught with problems and complications. Those who need a vehicle can become vulnerable to scam artists and can face substantial financial loss because of it, which is why it is important to talk with a California car lemon law attorney if you experience problems with a new vehicle and need help understanding your rights.

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Possible Fuel Leak Leads to Lexus Recall

» Posted August 10, 2018Resources

In recent years, a record number of recalls have resulted in car owners dealing with a lot of hassle. When vehicle owners buy a new car that turns out to have many problems, a Los Angeles lemon law attorney should be consulted to explore legal remedies.  Consumers should also make certain they monitor for recalls on their vehicles so they can correct potentially serious problems before an accident happens due to a defect.

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Your Car Lease Has Ended: What Happens Next?

» Posted August 8, 2018Resources

When you buy or lease a car, it is important to understand both your rights and your obligations. A Sacramento lemon law attorney can provide you with insight into your rights if a vehicle you've purchased has a defect and can help you to pursue available remedies when cars have problems.  You should also understand how the law does – and doesn't – protect consumers who both buy and lease vehicles.

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New Tech in Vehicles Results in Higher Auto Insurance Rates

» Posted August 6, 2018Resources

Cars have changed a lot in recent decades. Today, many are equipped with tons of technology that control many different aspects of car operation. All of this advanced technology can be more prone to problems, and those who buy new cars and have issues should contact an Orange County lemon law attorney to get help understanding the options available to them for pursuing a legal remedy.

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Car Safety Ratings: How Are They Actually Determined?

» Posted July 30, 2018Resources

Buying a safe and reliable car is essential, because a car with problems can cost you time and money and put your safety at risk. If your vehicle turns out to be unreliable, a California lemon law attorney can provide you with help in pursuing remedies and taking any appropriate legal action.

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