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BMW Makes Car Features Subscription Based

» Posted August 10, 2020Resources

As car sales slump, auto manufacturers are looking for new ways to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of owners after they buy a new vehicle. For BMW, that means coaxing drivers into signing up for in-car bells and whistles.

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Tesla to Unveil New Autopilot in Coming Months

» Posted July 31, 2020Resources

Tesla is not giving up on its “autopilot” function, despite some notable accidents involving drivers relying on the assist technology.

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Ford F-Series Hit by Pandemic Sales Slowdown

» Posted July 29, 2020Resources

So much for “Built Ford Tough.” The American carmaker’s well-known truck model has not fared well during the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown.

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Self-Driving Cars Will Not Stop Crashes, Insurance Group Says

» Posted July 27, 2020Resources

Many people are still trying to get used to the idea of a world in which streets are flooded with cars that have no one behind the wheel. Still, one of the most common arguments in favor of driverless vehicles is that they would actually reduce the risk of an accident by cutting down on human error. A new study shows that may be true, but going autonomous will not make car crashes a thing of the past.

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SUVs Kill More Pedestrians Than Other Cars: Study

» Posted July 24, 2020Resources

Sport utility vehicles are often considered to be safer for drivers and passengers, simply because the sheer size of these cars provides an extra layer of protection for anyone inside. But SUVs pose a monster threat to pedestrians, according to a new study.

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