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Five Steps to Help You Buy the Right Automobile

» Posted September 24, 2018Resources

If you need to start the process of shopping for a new vehicle, you're probably getting worried about whether you'll be able to get a good deal in the end. Finding the right car, making sure it is priced fairly, and making sure it is reliable can be really difficult. And, unfortunately, no matter how much research you do, there's always a chance that things will go wrong and the car you thought was perfect will turn out to have serious problems.  In these situations, a California motor vehicle lemon law attorney can provide you with help pursuing legal remedies.

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New to Car Buying? Here Are 7 Tactics You Can Use

» Posted September 17, 2018Resources

No matter how many times you have purchased a car, the process can be daunting. It's impossible to know if you're buying the right vehicle or getting a good deal. And even when you do everything right, there's a chance the car could end up being a lemon and you could find yourself in need of help from a California lemon law lawyer in order to pursue a legal remedy.

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Inspector General Calls NHTSA's Competence Regarding Airbag Recalls Into Question

» Posted September 10, 2018Resources

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is having its competence called into questions regarding the way that Takata airbag recalls were handled by the agency. The NHTSA is supposed to provide protection for consumers and one of those obligations is to facilitate and oversee recalls of vehicles with safety defects.

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Changing Consumer Behavior: How Car-Buying Websites Alter the Buying Experience

» Posted September 3, 2018Resources

Buying a car can be a really challenging experience for consumers. It is hard to find a car that you feel is reliable and priced right. And, it can be difficult to negotiate the price of the vehicle you're buying, particularly if there is also a trade-in and you must negotiate the price on that trade-in as well. 

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Artificial Intelligence Matches Buyers With Cars

» Posted August 31, 2018Resources

There's nothing more frustrating for many consumers than the process of finding and buying a new car. Navigating through all the different options to identify the right vehicle at a good price can be challenging, and even consumers who do all of their research could end up making a bad investment if the car turns out to be a lemon. That's why it is so important for consumers to reach out to a Los Angeles lemon law attorney to find out about legal remedies available to them in circumstances where cars have serious defects.

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