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Cruise Control Problems Lead to the Recall of Millions of Fiat Chrysler Vehicles

» Posted June 25, 2018Resources

When you're driving your car, you expect the features to work as expected – or at the very least not to put you in danger by creating a major safety risk. Unfortunately, many motorists find their cars fail to live up to even this basic expectation because the cars turn out to have dangerous defects. This is why motorists need to understand consumer protection laws and get help from a California lemon law attorney when issues arise.

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Parents: Are You Buying a New Car For Your Teen? Consider Safety First

» Posted June 22, 2018Resources

Traditionally, the classic car for a new teen driver was a cheap, old passed-down car. In fact, the director of transportation safety for the nonprofit National Safety Council indicated that the rule for a long time was to buy a car that was big, slow, and ugly.  However, this is not the advice that safety advocates provide any more.

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Buying Used Rental Cars: Is it a Good Idea?

» Posted June 20, 2018Resources

When you are buying a car, finding the right one can be a major challenge. Even when you buy a brand-new vehicle, you could still experience major unexpected defects and you may need to get help from a Sacramento lemon law firm to pursue an appropriate legal remedy.

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New Testing Rules May Delay the Release of New Cars

» Posted June 18, 2018Resources

It is important that vehicles be carefully tested for problems or for defects before the cars are brought to the marketplace and sold to consumers. Otherwise, motorists could end up with a car that has lots of problems. If a car buyer does purchase a new car that turns out to have serious issues, contacting a San Diego lemon law attorney for advice and assistance pursuing a remedy is a smart course of action.

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Motorists Are Borrowing More Than Ever to Purchase New Vehicles

» Posted June 15, 2018Resources

Car buyers are spending more than ever to purchase vehicles, according to recent data from Experian. As cars become more expensive and consumers borrow more money to buy them, the potential for financial loss when vehicles are defective only rises. If you buy a new car and it turns out to have serious problems, you should contact a San Diego lemon law attorney as soon as possible to pursue an appropriate legal remedy.

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