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About Our Firm

Bickel Sannipoli APC prosecutes Lemon Law cases across the entire State of California, including Central California.  If you reside in Bakersfield, Fresno, Visalia, Merced, Modesto, Stockton, or anywhere else in California’s Central Valley we may be able to help you resolve your Lemon Law claim.  Our firm offers an experienced and focused team of legal professionals who have helped thousands of California consumers secure legal relief from the manufactures and dealerships that make and sell defective automobiles.

  • Our Firm Offers Statewide Lemon Law Services: Bickel Sannipoli APC is committed to meeting the Lemon Law needs of consumers living in all parts of California.  Whether you reside in Central California or another portion of the state, we encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your case.
  • We are an Exceptional Team of Lemon Law Professionals: When you work with our firm you can be confident that our attorneys know California Lemon Law. We have handled thousands of California Lemon Law claims and our lawyers keep track of new court decisions that may impact your legal rights and remedies. 
  • We Make the Process as Easy as Possible for our Clients: We understand the stress and frustration of dealing with a defective vehicle. Our goal is to make the legal process as simple and stress-free as possible.  When you work with our firm we will provide straightforward answers to your questions, promptly respond to your phone calls and emails, and guide you through the process.

If you are tired of making repeated visits to the dealership for the same problem, Bickel Sannipoli APC may be able to help.  Contact our firm today for a free consultation with our Lemon Law attorneys.  

About Our Firm

Founded by Attorney Brian J. Bickel, Bickel Sannipoli APC offers a full team of skilled Lemon Law attorneys to serve consumers living in Central California and throughout the state.  We have helped thousands of California consumers take action against the automobile manufacturers and dealerships that sell dangerous and defective vehicles.  If you have purchased or leased a defective automobile, motorcycle, boat, or RV, we will fight to help you recover the compensation and legal relief that you deserve.

Strategic Advantage

Bickel Sannipoli APC concentrates one hundred percent of its civil practice on California Lemon Law claims.  Our focus and dedication ensures that each Lemon Law matter we handle receives the time and attention that it deserves.   We are a proactive and aggressive team of attorneys that strive to settle lemon law cases as quickly and easily as possible.  Our lawyers are often able to resolve cases over the phone or via email without the need for an in-person meeting. 

About the California Lemon Law

In the state of California, both new and used vehicles are covered under the California Lemon Law.  For the law to apply, the vehicle must have been sold or leased within the state have been repaired under the manufacturer’s original or extended vehicle warranty.   California Lemon Law does not require a specific number of repair visits before a consumer can take legal action. Rather, when the dealer is unable to fix a defect after a “reasonable number” of opportunities, the car owner may be entitled to either a buy-back of the car or a comparable replacement vehicle.

About Central California

Situated north of Southern California, Central California is typically considered to constitute the middle third of the state.  The Central California region is comprised of a large number of cities and towns, such as Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto, Visalia and Merced.  The geography of the land is very diverse and includes the Mojave Desert as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Free Initial Consultation

If you live in the Central California region and would like to know whether you may be protected under the California Lemon Law, contact Bickel Sannipoli APC, Inc. today.  When you call our firm, our attorneys will review your case, answer any questions you may have about California’s Lemon Law, and outline your options.

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"Best law firm I have ever dealt with. For those who have experienced awful lawyers, that you end up having to track down for weeks just to get one question answered, they are far from that!! The communication with their clients is clear and precise with no questions. Even when you have a million questions, they will be answered same day if not the next day. Extremely professional, gains documents quickly, will fight hard for your case and not give up, case closing results are faster than usual or any other law team I've ever encountered!!!"
Posted By: Danyel Jerald