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Why Choose Bickel Sannipoli APC?

Bickel Sannipoli APC focuses its practice exclusively on California Lemon Law claims. The lawyers in our San Diego office prosecute and resolve Lemon Law cases on behalf of consumers throughout San Diego County and across the entire State of California. We are a diligent team of attorneys with an extensive understanding of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, more commonly known as the California Lemon Law. Our firm has helped thousands of California consumers receive Lemon Law relief. By limiting our civil practice to California Lemon Law cases, we are able to offer our clients a number of key benefits:

  • Extensive knowledge - Our attorneys know the ins-and-outs of California’s Lemon Law, and we keep up to date with new court decisions that may impact your legal rights and remedies.
  • Exclusive focus - Unlike other law firms, we focus solely on representing individual consumers in California Lemon Law claims. As a result, we are able to handle our clients’ cases efficiently and with a comprehensive understanding of the factual and legal issues involved.
  • Statewide representation - While our primary office is located in downtown San Diego, we represent clients throughout California, including less populated and rural areas where experienced California Lemon Law attorneys may not otherwise be easily accessible.
  • Exceptional client service - We are committed to the highest ethical standards and are driven to provide exceptional client service from the initial consultation to the conclusion of your case.
  • Trial-tested strategies – Also unlike many other law firms, we are not hesitant to take our clients’ cases to trial. We will work diligently to negotiate a quick settlement, and if necessary we will be fully prepared to execute a trial-tested defense strategy in court.

If you are frustrated with a vehicle that keeps breaking down, we understand what you are going through. We encourage you to discuss your California Lemon Law claim with an attorney at our San Diego office so that we can help you obtain the relief to which you are entitled.

Trial Victories in San Diego: Although the overwhelming majority of our firm’s Lemon Law cases settle short of trial, including hundreds of favorable settlements for San Diego consumers, our attorneys have significant trial experience and are ready to try cases when the manufacturers are unwilling to make a reasonable offer to settle.

Lozano vs. BMW of North America, LLC (San Diego Superior Court): The Lozano trial involved a failure of a BMW 1 Series’ power windows to function properly. Because the problem was intermittent and BMW saw the defect as insubstantial, BMW refused to make any reasonable offers to settle through the course of litigation. The matter went to trial in San Diego Superior Court before Judge Judith Hayes. Bickel Sannipoli APC attorneys Brian Bickel and Erika Kavicky tried the case against BMW’s counsel, the Lehrman Law Group, based out of Los Angeles. After a very quick deliberation, the San Diego jury rendered a verdict in Mr. Lozano’s favor, not only awarding a statutory buy-back of his BMW but also levying the maximum allowable civil penalty, which in this case exceeded $70,000, against BMW for its willful failure to comply with the California Lemon Law.     

Cauchon vs. Forest River, Inc. (San Diego Superior Court): The Cauchon trial involved a motorhome that suffered a series to defects to its air conditioning, leveling jacks, and electrical system, among other problems. The matter was tried by Attorney Brian J. Bickel against the San Diego branch of Musick Peeler & Garrett, a firm of over one hundred attorneys that defended Forest River, Inc. Notwithstanding the resources of Musick Peeler and Forest River, a subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, the jury found in the Cauchons’ favor. The verdict was for a full repurchase of the Cauchons’ motorhome and over $30,000 in additional civil penalty damages for Forest River’s willful failure to follow its obligations under the Song-Beverly Act.        

About Bickel Sannipoli APC

Bickel Sannipoli APC was founded by Attorney Brian J. Bickel. Attorney Bickel has dedicated his entire legal career to prosecuting and resolving California Lemon Law Claims. Having now grown to a team of eight attorneys and numerous professional staff members, we take a comprehensive and efficient approach to resolving the complex issues and challenges that can arise in Lemon Law claims. If you have purchased a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon, our legal team will work with you to help you receive the compensation and relief you deserve.

Strategic Advantage

With offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Bickel Sannipoli APC is pleased to offer Lemon Law services to residents situated throughout the entire State of California. While the San Diego office is our primary location, our firm’s structure allows us to deliver legal services to consumers in all California locations, including small towns and rural areas that may be far from our city offices.

In most cases, a face-to-face meeting will not be necessary to pursue your claim. Should your case require us to meet with you in person, a Lemon Law lawyer from our San Diego office will make the arrangements to travel to your location at no cost to you. Furthermore, if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we will file and litigate your case in your local county court.

We have three office locations throughout California, including our headquarters in San Diego. As a result, whether you live or work downtown, in the North County area or in any other area of California, we can represent you – including taking your case to trial in your local county courthouse if necessary.

About California Lemon Law

California’s Lemon Law is one of the most effective lemon laws in the nation. Unlike many other states, California does not require a specific number of repair visits before a consumer can file a claim. Furthermore, the California Lemon Law does not limit its relief to consumers who experience defects within set mileage or time periods. In most situations, if a car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you will be able to initiate a Lemon Law claim provided that the dealer and manufacturer have been given a reasonable number of opportunities to repair your car.

With regard to eligibility for legal relief, California’s Lemon Law states:

“If the manufacturer or [dealership] is unable to service or repair a new motor vehicle. . . to conform to the applicable express warranties after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer shall either promptly replace the new motor vehicle . . . [or] make restitution to the buyer. . . . [T]he buyer shall be free to elect restitution in lieu of replacement, and in no event shall the buyer be required by the manufacturer to accept a replacement vehicle.”

With regard to a suitable replacement vehicle, California’s Lemon Law states:

“[T]the manufacturer shall replace the buyer’s vehicle with a new motor vehicle substantially identical to the vehicle replaced. The replacement vehicle shall be accompanied by all express and implied warranties that normally accompany new motor vehicles of that specific kind. . . .”

With regard to the option for the owner of a defective vehicle to elect for restitution, California’s Lemon Law states:

“[T]he manufacturer shall make restitution in an amount equal to the actual price paid or payable by the buyer, including any charges for transportation and manufacturer-installed options . . . and including any collateral charges such as sales or use tax, license fees, registration fees, and other official fees.”

Additionally, regardless of whether you choose to receive a replacement vehicle or accept restitution, you are also entitled to compensation for, “reasonable repair, towing, and rental car costs actually incurred,” as well as any other incidental damages.

About San Diego

Bickel Sannipoli APC’s primary law office is centrally located in downtown San Diego. As California’s second largest city, San Diego’s population was estimated at more than 1.3 million by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, with the population of San Diego County exceeding 3.2 million residents. The California Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that approximately 2.7 million vehicles were registered in San Diego County in 2013.

San Diego County includes 18 incorporated cities along with a number of unincorporated communities and neighborhoods. The area is well known for its ideal climate, miles of beaches and world-famous attractions, including the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and SeaWorld San Diego. The city also offers tremendous arts and cultural opportunities, along with top-notch golf courses, beachfront resorts and award-winning restaurants. We represent purchasers and lessees of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs) and other motor vehicles throughout San Diego, including:

  • Carlsbad
  • Chula Vista
  • Coronado
  • Del Mar
  • El Cajon
  • Encinitas
  • Escondido
  • Imperial Beach
  • La Mesa
  • Lemon Grove
  • National City
  • Oceanside
  • Poway
  • San Diego (Downtown)
  • San Marcos
  • Santee
  • Solana Beach
  • Vista

7 Key Facts A California Lemon Law Attorney Can Help You With

1. You are Not Limited to Pursuing a Claim During the First 18 Months or 18,000 Miles of Use.

There is a common misconception – perpetuated by many auto manufacturers and car dealerships – that California’s Lemon Law only applies if you had your vehicle for less than 18 months and had driven it less than 18,000 miles the first time you took it in for repair. But, the truth is that you can pursue a Lemon Law claim throughout the duration of your warranty. The Lemon Law’s 18-month/18,000-mile provision simply establishes a presumption that you have provided the dealership a “reasonable” number of attempts to repair your vehicle under various circumstances.

2. It Costs Nothing Out of Pocket to Hire Our Firm to Represent You.

When you engage the Lemon Law attorneys at Bickel Sannipoli APC to represent you, you will not pay anything out of pocket. If you owe us anything (in many cases, the vehicle manufacturer will be required to cover your legal fees and court costs), our fee will be calculated as a percentage of your recovery.

3. California’s Lemon Law Applies to All Types of Motor Vehicles.

California’s Lemon Law does not just apply to new cars. It also applies to trucks, vans, SUVs, crossovers, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), and even boats and four-wheelers.

4. California’s Lemon Law Applies to Purchased, Financed and Leased Vehicles.

Similarly, you can pursue a claim under California’s Lemon Law regardless of whether you financed your new vehicle, leased it or purchased it outright. If you have an auto loan and your claim is successful, you will be entitled to a refund of your down payment as well as any monthly payments you have made to date, and you will be entitled to have your outstanding loan balance paid in full.

5. Most California Lemon Law Claims Settle.

While a claim under California’s Lemon Law is a formal legal proceeding, most claims settle well before trial. Since the auto manufacturers have to pay not only their own lawyers, but potentially yours as well, they have a strong incentive to settle valid claims rather than taking them to trial.

6. You Get to Choose the Remedy in Your Lemon Law Claim.

As we discussed above, if your Lemon Law claim is successful, you get to choose which remedy you prefer: (i) to receive a new vehicle that is “substantially identical” to your original vehicle, or (ii) to receive financial restitution so that you can purchase a different vehicle of your choice. If you have been dealing with the dealership or manufacturer directly and they are trying to force you to accept a replacement vehicle, you should speak with an attorney about your legal rights.

7. Hiring an Experienced Attorney Can Significantly Increase Your Chances of Success.

Due to the complexities of California’s Lemon Law as well as the fact that auto manufacturers hire big defense firms to represent them, hiring an experienced attorney can significantly increase your chances of success. At Bickel Sannipoli APC, we have represented thousands of clients in Lemon Law claims in San Diego and throughout California, and we can use our experience and reputation to help you secure the legal relief you deserve.

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If you have a vehicle that cannot be repaired despite a number of attempts, you may be entitled to Lemon Law relief. We encourage you to contact our office for a free consultation today. Our legal team will review your case and explain how a Lemon Law attorney at our San Diego firm may be able to help. To schedule an appointment, call us at call (888) 800-1983 or tell us about your lemon online now.

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