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9 Reasons Why People Don't Get Recalled Vehicles Repaired

» Posted September 22, 2017Resources | Share This Post

San Diego lemon law attorneys provide help to clients in coping with problems with their vehicles. Many consumers who have issues with their cars are frustrated with the process of getting their problems resolved. Going to get a car repaired can be a major hassle, and car owners often delay or put off repairs just because they don't want to give up the time to take their car to the dealer and be without their vehicle.

Reluctance on the part of consumers to deal with car problems is a big issue when vehicles are recalled, because the owners of many cars don't respond to recalls even – in some cases – when the car they are driving has a potentially serious safety problem. Cars.com explained nine big reasons why people don't get recalled cars fixed, even when not making repairs could be dangerous.

Why Aren't People Getting Recalled Cars Fixed?

According to Cars.com, around 20 percent of vehicles that are recalled do not get repaired. Consumers neglect to get their recalled vehicles repaired because:

  • They have not experienced the problem that prompted the recall. This was the reason why 19 percent of consumers gave for not making repairs.
  • They don't know if the repairs are optional or mandatory: Confusion over this issue was the reason 23 percent of drivers didn't get fixes made.
  • They don't know who to contact: 26 percent of drivers didn't act because of confusion over the right company to call.
  • They aren't sure if the recall applies to their model: Another 26 percent of consumers failed to make recall fixes because they weren't sure if their car was affected by the problem.
  • They don't know when they need the repair: Again, this was an issue for 26 percent of drivers.
  • They don't know how important the repair is: 30 percent of motorists weren't clear on whether making the fix to the vehicle was actually important or not.
  • They don't want to wait for repairs: Impatience with waiting for fixes was the cause of around 30 percent of the reluctance to respond to recalls.
  • They don't want to give up access to their vehicles. A full 37 percent of drivers weren't OK with being left without their car as repairs were being made.
  • They're concerned that the dealer will try to sell them additional repairs. 38 percent of drivers were worried about being up sold unnecessary – and perhaps costly – additional repairs if they took their vehicles in to get fixed.

While all of these seem, on the surface, like good reasons not to make fixes, the reality is that it is not worth risking an accident that could injure you or others.

You need to act to make repairs if your car is recalled, and if your car has repeated defects, you need to reach out to San Diego lemon law attorneys to find out what you can do to hold the manufacturer of the car accountable and to ensure you're able to drive a safe and reliable vehicle.

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