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Tesla Recalls 362,000 Cars Over Driver Assist Safety Concerns

» Posted March 22, 2023Resources

Safety concerns over Tesla’s driver-assist technology have hit a fever pitch as the electric vehicle manufacturer is now being forced to recall some 362,000 cars.

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Ford Recalls 460,000 Vehicles, Citing Faulty Rear Cameras

» Posted March 20, 2023Resources

Ford Motor Co. is picking up where it left off last year, continuing a string of serious car recalls. The automaker recently recalled more than 460,000 vehicles over malfunctioning rear cameras. Ford told federal regulators it is aware of at least 17 accidents stemming from the defect.

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Monthly Car Loan Payments Swell, Even as Recession Looms

» Posted March 17, 2023Resources

Nearly 16% of people who financed car purchases last year signed on for monthly payments of $1,000 or more, auto researcher Edmunds says. That is a new record, up from 11% just a year earlier.

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Feds Investigating GM Over Autonomous Cruise Program

» Posted March 15, 2023Resources

Tesla is not the only major auto manufacturer getting a look from federal investigators over technology designed to let cars do the driving.

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Used Car Sales Drop, Gutting CarMax Profits

» Posted March 13, 2023Resources

If you have been in the market for a used car, waiting to pull the trigger appears to have paid off. Price tags on pre-owned vehicles are on the decline. Just ask CarMax.

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