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Tesla to Support Netflix, YouTube Streaming in Cars

» Posted September 26, 2019Resources

There has been plenty of ink already spilled over what life on the road will be like when robots start doing the driving. Will we be safer or will we live in fear of being mowed down by a rogue autonomous vehicle, hurtling through the street at high speed? And what will happen to trucking, transportation and other related jobs?

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Volkswagen Drops Two Years From Warranties

» Posted September 24, 2019Resources

Volkswagen is trimming an important benefit for VW drivers, apparently in a move to try to save the German automaker a few bucks.

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Ford Fuel Tank Problems Spark Recalls...Again

» Posted September 19, 2019Resources

It does not take an expert to know that the fuel tank is an important part of any car. That’s why Ford is taking another look at some 58,000 Focus models in North America.

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Electric Porsche Outselling 911

» Posted September 17, 2019Resources

Porsche might not exactly be best known for fuel economy, but the German luxury sports car manufacturer’s electric offering is quickly attracting a lot of fans.

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The Wheels are Falling Off of Some Mazda Cars

» Posted September 12, 2019Resources

Mazda has a problem: the wheels are physically coming off of some of the company’s cars in United States and the land down under.

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