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Odometer Rollbacks by Crooked Dealers Cost Consumers

» Posted December 20, 2017Resources

The California Lemon Law is one of several consumer protection laws in place to protect buyers of vehicles. Unfortunately, even with rules aimed at helping consumers to avoid losses when buying cars, there are still numerous scams that succeed in separating car buyers from their hard-earned money.

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Car Safety Being Undermined by 'Grey Market'

» Posted December 18, 2017Resources

Drivers have a right to expect their vehicles will be safe and will operate in the intended manner without problems, especially if the motorist has purchased a new car. When a vehicle has repeated problems, the driver should reach out to a Los Angeles lemon law attorney to find out about options. 

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Software Update Problems Lead to Global Aston Martin Recall

» Posted December 15, 2017Resources

Many consumers buy expensive cars because they believe those vehicles will be safer and more reliable. Unfortunately, there have been serious problems prompting recalls of cars at all different price points in recent years, and drivers of both inexpensive and costly cars have faced problems that make their vehicles unsafe or unable to be driven.

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Are Minor Car Repairs Really Worth the Cost?

» Posted December 13, 2017Resources

Getting your car repaired is not a fun process for most people. There are costs associated with repairs, and there is a lot of time and effort involved in getting your vehicle to the repair shop – and you may end up being without a car while the repairs are being made. The big downsides of car repairs are one of many reasons why there are laws like the California lemon law to protect consumers whose new cars need repeated repairs.

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Airbag Issues Prompts Mitsubishi Recall

» Posted December 11, 2017Resources

When you purchase a car, you have a right to expect that the vehicle will be safe and that the car will operate efficiently. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A Sacramento-area lemon law firm can provide you with help if you have bought a car that turns out to have a lot of defects. 

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