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Subaru Set to Roll Out Next Generation Coupe

» Posted November 25, 2020Resources

The economic downturn and slumping sales posed by the coronavirus pandemic is not stopping Subaru from moving forward with big plans for its next-generation coupe.

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Dodge Demon Owners Sue Ford Over Self-Eating Hoods

» Posted November 23, 2020Resources

A group of Dodge Demon owners is suing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles over an alleged hood design defect they say is causing the paint to chip away on their cars.

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New Cars Sales Show Hint of Bounce Back for Automakers

» Posted November 20, 2020Resources

It turns out that bad news is good news for automakers still feeling the squeeze during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Faulty Takata Airbags Claim Another Life

» Posted November 18, 2020Resources

Several years after exploding Takata airbags sparked safety concerns, federal investigations and massive recalls, the malfunctioning safety devices have been linked to yet another death.

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Mercedes-Benz Ditches Manual Transmission Cars

» Posted November 16, 2020Resources

It is the end of an era for Mercedes-Benz, as the German auto giant recently announced that it is ditching the stick shift.

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