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Online Car Sales Scams: What to Look For

» Posted October 27, 2021Resources

Going online is an increasingly popular way to buy a car but there are many potential pitfalls when it comes to using the internet to purchase a new set of wheels.

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What You Need to Know About the Tesla Autopilot Accidents

» Posted October 25, 2021Resources

Tesla promises car buyers a unique experience: a luxury electric vehicle with the latest tech designed to let the car do much of the heavy lifting when you hit the road. The problem is that Tesla’s Autopilot system may not be up to the task of keeping drivers and passengers safe.

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Consumers Beware: Never Buy a Car Sight Unseen

» Posted October 22, 2021Resources

Buying a car is one of the largest purchases many consumers will make. Although the thought of getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle is often exciting, the process of selecting and buying the car is filled with potential pitfalls. The vehicle you drive home may not exactly be what you expected, especially if it has a defect that could pose a safety hazard.

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Automakers Look to Tech to Streamline Recalls

» Posted October 20, 2021Resources

As seasoned California lemon law attorneys who help people across the state who have been stuck with malfunctioning cars, we know just how often auto manufacturers allow unsafe vehicles to hit the road. Technological advances promise to make fixing defects easier, but it remains to be seen whether carmakers will commit to streamlining that process.

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Toyota Kills Avalon Large Sedan

» Posted October 18, 2021Resources

In a sign of the times, it is time to say “goodbye” to the Toyota Avalon. Toyota is reportedly ending production on Avalon sedans in August 2022, citing dwindling demand. Autoweek calls the low-selling model “another victim of the SUV crossover onslaught.”

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