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Airbag Concerns Result in GMC SUV Recalls

» Posted July 6, 2018Resources | Share This Post

Far too many cars have been sold to U.S. consumers in recent years that turn out to have serious defects, often related to safety issues. These vehicles can affect the likelihood of accidents, make it more likely collisions will be serious, and put drivers and passengers in jeopardy in many different ways. Whenever your car has problems, a California motor vehicle lemon law attorney can provide help in taking appropriate action to pursue the remedies available to you.

Often, when a car is released into the market with problems, there are many vehicles with the same design where the same issue is either occurring or has the potential to occur.

If there is a defect or an issue that occurs – or that could occur -- in many different cars sold to thousands of consumers, the car manufacturer may need to issue a recall when problems with the vehicle are identified. Just recently, for example, GMC recalled 2018 Terrain SUV vehicles because of a problem with the sport utility vehicle's air bags.

GMC Recalls SUVs Due to Concerns About Airbags

Consumer Reports wrote about the recent recall of GMC vehicles. The affected vehicles included approximately 88,000 specific Terrain SUVs, all of which were 2018 vehicle models. The recall was prompted by the fact that faulty software could prevent air bags in the SUVs from deploying in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

The problem appears to be that a particular airbag sensor is not properly turning off when the vehicle is not operational, even though the sensor should shut off when the car is off. Because the sensor does not turn off correctly even when the vehicle has been turned off, the airbag sensor does not ever shut off fully. As a result of this, when the car turns back on again and the driver starts to drive, the system is restarted – but the airbag still may not start up operations and work properly. In fact, in the event of an accident, the airbag might not deploy at all.

If the airbag flaw exists in your vehicle and you get into accident, it is possible that the air bag's failure to deploy could lead to much more serious injuries or even a fatality.

The 2018 model vehicles that were recalled included the 2018 GMC Terrain SUVs that were built between March 14, 2017 and March 22, 2018.  Drivers with any of these vehicle models affected by the recall should take steps to get the vehicle fixed at no cost to them.

Dealers will provide loaner vehicles, according to Consumer Reports, as long as the drivers of the defective vehicles are still under warranty on their cars when getting the problem taken care of. GMC will also provide a free software update to all affected consumers. However, GMC has not yet announced where or how vehicle owners should begin taking action in getting their dangerous videos off the road and repaired.

A California motor vehicle lemon law attorney can provide you with help pursuing remedies in any cases where your car turns out to be dangerous or have repeated defects. You should contact an attorney in order to explore options today.

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