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Are Drivers Too Comfortable in Smart Cars?

ยป Posted September 10, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Smart technology of all types is rapidly changing the world, including the way that people travel in their cars. Whether it is lane assist technology that can help drivers keep on the straight and narrow or new advances designed to monitor motorists for drowsiness, much of the smart new bells and whistles are meant to make people safer behind the wheel.

But smart tech may be lulling some drivers into a false sense of too much security, according to a recent report. Those motorists are turning away from their smart cars and looking to their smartphones.

A total of 42 percent of drivers whose cars are equipped with lane assist and adaptive cruise control features "frequently" or "sometimes" engage in video chats while behind the wheel, according to a survey from State Farm. That is more than double the share of drivers (20 percent) in cars without smart technology who also say they engage in the risky activity while driving.

"Advances in vehicle technology are occurring rapidly," State Farm Assistant Vice President Laurel Straub said in a release announcing the survey results. "Even with these technologies in place, it's important for drivers to pay attention when behind the wheel."

Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of survey respondents with smart cars said they send or read text messages while driving, compared to about half (49-51 percent) of those whose cares do not have smart technology.

The survey focused on two increasingly common smart car features: lane assist and adaptive cruise control. The former allows the car to make certain steering corrections to stay in a lane, while the latter allows the vehicle to automatically change speeds to maintain a certain distance between vehicles.

"Innovations such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist are designed to make our roadways safer," Straub said. "These systems are meant to assist drivers, not replace them."

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The danger of feeling too comfortable behind the wheel of a smart car is not the only hazard of life on the road. Many vehicles come off the factory line with serious defects that can put people at risk.

The California lemon law is designed to protect car owners and lessors by requiring manufacturers to make certain repairs to cars while they are under warranty. If the manufacturer refuses or is unable to properly repair the vehicle, the company has to buy the vehicle back or replace it with a new one. It also has to pick up the bill for any legal fees that a person incurs while enforcing his or her rights under the law.

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