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Are Minor Car Repairs Really Worth the Cost?

» Posted December 13, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Getting your car repaired is not a fun process for most people. There are costs associated with repairs, and there is a lot of time and effort involved in getting your vehicle to the repair shop – and you may end up being without a car while the repairs are being made. The big downsides of car repairs are one of many reasons why there are laws like the California lemon law to protect consumers whose new cars need repeated repairs.

In some cases, the repairs you may need to your car aren't serious or connected with safety – they may be relatively minor. When the problems with your vehicle don't really seem like a big deal, you have a difficult question to answer: should you bother to get these minor fixes made? Q 13 Fox recently took a look at this question.

Should You Get Minor Car Repairs Done on Your Vehicle?

Q 13 Fox talked with a senior product manager at PEMCO about whether it makes sense for a car owner to get minor repairs made.  The answer generally comes down to the extent of the issue with the car and whether or not you could end up having more costly problems later if you do not get the fixes made right away.

For example, one common problem that car owners have is their vehicles will end up getting a few scratches on them. The scratches don't affect the way that the car operates, they're just cosmetic, and getting them fixed could cost a fair amount of money so it may be tempting to just leave the scratches go. However, as the senior product manager at PEMCO indicated, if the scratch is a big one that goes all the way down to the metal of the vehicle, this type of issue should be repaired.

Getting the scratch fixed when it is a small one may seem like a hassle, but if you don't act, the elements could cause further damage to the car.  You could end up having to replace an entire vehicle panel or to replace an entire door on the vehicle if the scratch was in the door. Obviously, this would be a much more time consuming and much more expensive repair for you to have to make than just getting the initial scratch fixed at the time when it happens.

This is just one of many examples of a situation where you should take the time and spend the money to fix what seems like a little issue so you can protect the long-term integrity of your vehicle and so you don't end up with little problems turning into big ones. 

When in doubt about whether a car repair affects safety or could turn into a bigger issue later, it is best to err on the side of caution so you don't put yourself or your money at risk.  If you do need repeated repairs to a vehicle that is new, you should also make sure you understand your rights under the California lemon law so you can ensure you take advantage of any legal remedies that remain available to you.

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