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Auto Makers are Rolling Out Improved Infotainment Systems

» Posted May 23, 2018Resources | Share This Post

New cars come equipped with all different types of modern features ranging from safety equipment to new options for satellite traffic and maps. While cars have changed in many important ways compared with just a decade or two ago, car manufacturers are still trying to find new ways to innovate.  Unfortunately, sometimes all this new technology ends up not working properly and causing problems. A California lemon law attorney can provide help to car owners who experience repeated issues with any of the features of their new vehicles.

One of the ways that car makers are trying to enhance cars is with new infotainment systems, according to ABC 7. Infotainment systems provide both in-vehicle entertainment and important information. This could include streaming music services, as well as information about the operation of the vehicle such as details about electric car batteries or fuel efficiency.  While many cars now come equipped with some type of infotainment system, car makers are increasingly including these systems in new vehicle models where they didn't exist before and are also making them more advanced.

Infotainment Systems are Being Updated by Car Makers

ABC 7 provided details on new developments in infotainment systems from a number of different car manufacturers.

For example, the new 2018 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle provides ample information about the vehicle as part of its infotainment system. It is also tied in with Amazon Alexa, so it is possible to use Alexa-equipped devices to start the vehicle, warm up or cool down the car, lock the car doors, or honk the horn.

The StarLink system, on the other hand, is the new infotainment system that is being included in Subaru vehicles. The new system can be controlled directly from the steering wheel so drivers are less distracted and the infotainment system has been redesigned with larger icons so they are easier to see. The system has already been included in the company's XV Crosstek sport utility car.

Hyundai is debuting a new system as well on its Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle that is expected to become available later in 2018. The system will have a faster response rate than previous infotainment systems and it will work more similarly to a tablet or an iPad by allowing the user to zoom in and out by pinching.

And Acura is introducing a True Touchpad that puts a fingertip pad in the center console so drivers can move system icons without reaching up.

Each of these different systems are supposed to make a car's dashboard less cluttered and are supposed to be easier for drivers and passengers to use. The built-in screens sit up high so drivers don't need to look down, and many are aimed at allowing drivers to use the in-vehicle information and entertainment systems with the minimum of distractions.

Unfortunately, like with all electronics systems, things can go wrong with the infotainment systems – which would mean that drivers end up with a car that doesn't function properly and with problems that have to be fixed.

If you experience repeated issues with any of the systems or components of your new vehicle, including the infotainment system, you should contact a California lemon law attorney to find out about what you can do to pursue an appropriate legal remedy.

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