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Auto Parts Shortage Blamed for Recall Wait Times

» Posted July 18, 2022Resources | Share This Post

It is bad enough to get notified out of the blue that your car is defective and may put you and your loved ones’ safety at risk. The situation gets even worse when the manufacturer who built the vehicle says it does not know when the problem will be fixed.

That is increasingly the situation for car owners in California and across the country, according to a recent report from the Detroit News. Carmakers are blaming supply chain issues for making it harder to fix recalled cars.

A pair of related problems are at play: The semiconductor shortage has spiked new car prices and led more buyers to older, used vehicles that need more repairs, which increases demand for mechanics. At the same time, many replacement parts in newer cars now require semiconductor chips, which remain in short supply. 

“It’s not new or unique for recall parts to be hard to get — when an automaker issues a recall, the supplier has to play catch up, building enough extra parts to replace all the recalled parts in addition to what they’re already producing,” Riley Beggin reports for the Detroit News.

And then there are other supply chain issues.

“The U.S. is experiencing a historically tight labor market, which makes it tough for companies to get employees to work overtime or unplanned shifts to produce extra parts,” Beggin explains. “And the global supply chain keeps getting hit with logistical issues related to the pandemic — such as a shipping logjam in Shanghai due to a new government lockdown — which can add days or weeks to the time it takes for parts to reach their destination.”

For car owners whose vehicles have been recalled or otherwise need repairs, that can be a recipe for disaster. Although many recalls do not come with “do not drive” warnings, the longer you keep the car on the road without getting the problem fixed, the more likely the vehicle is to malfunction.

That is not to mention that many auto manufacturers take their sweet time announcing recalls. Carmakers tend to delay recalls until competitors announce that they are calling back cars for defects, according to a recent study.

Know Your Lemon Law Rights

Fortunately, some car owners and lessors in California have significant rights and protections under the state’s lemon law. 

The law, formally known as the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, forces carmakers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also requires manufacturers to buy back covered cars that they are unable or flat out refuse to fix. That includes compensating the owner for the down payment, monthly payments and other related expenses.

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