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Automakers Look to Tech to Streamline Recalls

» Posted October 20, 2021Resources | Share This Post

As seasoned California lemon law attorneys who help people across the state who have been stuck with malfunctioning cars, we know just how often auto manufacturers allow unsafe vehicles to hit the road. Technological advances promise to make fixing defects easier, but it remains to be seen whether carmakers will commit to streamlining that process.

Here’s reason to be hopeful: Automakers are increasingly turning to over-the-air software updates to perform recalls, according to a new report from NBC News. That means owners don’t even need to bring their cars to a local dealer to ensure they are safe to drive.

Over-the-air “technology won't eliminate the need to take a car in for repairs,” Paul A. Eisenstein writes for NBC News. “Plenty of recalls still involve faulty mechanical systems, such as bad brakes, leaky fuel lines or misfiring airbags. But automakers and industry analysts agree that a sizable share of recalls could be handled remotely in vehicles able to receive remote software downloads.”

Nearly 31 million vehicles are recalled in the U.S. alone each year, a number that has skyrocketed over the last decade. Yet, only about 70 percent of cars are ever actually fixed.

Eisenstein points to recent recalls by Tesla and GM as examples of how over-the-air fixes can work. Those recalls relate to a driver assist defect that could cause some Teslas to unexpectedly accelerate and faulty warning lights that could mask airbag problems in some GM vehicles.

Legal Rights for California Car Owners

Fortunately, California car owners and leasers do not have to wait for a recall in order to get defective vehicles fixed. They have some valuable rights and protections under the state’s lemon law. 

The law requires car makers to do various repairs to vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces the companies to buy back or replace vehicles that they cannot or will not fix.

There is no specific number of repair requests or attempts that must be made before the buyback or replace requirement kicks in. A California lemon law attorney at our firm can evaluate your case and guide you through the legal process.

How a California Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

If you are a California car owner who feels stuck with a faulty vehicle, a California lemon law attorney at Bickel Sannipoli APC can help you ensure that the manufacturer fixes the vehicle or fully compensates you.

Our firm is pleased to represent clients across the state. Our attorneys understand the stress that can come with haggling with car dealers and manufacturers. You do not need to go it alone: We work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent.

Our offices are conveniently located in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Call us at (888) 800-1983 or contact us online to speak with a California lemon law attorney.

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