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Avoid Buying a Lemon: Professionals Can Make Car Buying Easy

» Posted May 18, 2018Resources | Share This Post

Do you hate the hassle associated with buying a new car? The process can be fraught with difficulties as you try to find a vehicle that is affordable and that won't have problems after you purchase it. If your new vehicle does turn out to have defects, California lemon law lawyers can help you to pursue remedies. But, if you end up getting a bad deal on the car because you didn't do your research and reach a good bargain with the dealer, there's no remedy for overpaying.

Some car buyers have decided they simply do not want to deal with the hassle of trying to negotiate a car purchase. The New York Times reports that some of those car buyers are turning to professionals who take care of the car shopping process for them.

Professionals Can Take the Hassle Out of Shopping for a Vehicle

The New York Times explains that there are professional car negotiators or car buyers who market their services to people who don't want to go through the car buying process on their own. These professional negotiators typically claim that the service they provide helps consumers to save time and money while avoiding unscrupulous dealers. Many of the professional car buyers are willing to help with negotiating the purchase of a new or used car or with negotiating the terms of the lease.

One of those professional car buyers accepted a challenge to compete with the host of Money Talks News as well as against USAA to see who could get the best price on a $46,000 Mercedes. The professional car buyer, Oren Weintraub, ended up getting a total discount of more than $7,200, which beat the next best deal by more than $2,000.

However, not all car buyers are created equal and, as the New York Times indicates, there's no standard name for these types of services and each has its own operational policies and procedures. Professional car buyers could bill themselves as negotiators, brokers, or concierges, and some professionals work with buyers from start to finish while others don't do as much initial consulting but instead find out what buyers want and have dealers bid for their business.

Weintraub reportedly works for car buyers nationwide and charges between $600 and $1,500 depending upon the cost of the vehicle that is being purchased. For an additional $300 fee, he'll take charge of the process of selling the buyer's old vehicle as well.  Another buyer not only helps clients to select a car and accompanies them on a test drive, but he will also inspect used cars in addition to negotiating deals.

If you can find a reliable, trusted professional car buyer in your area, you may be able to save substantially compared with handling the transaction on your own – even after paying the professional buyer's fee. This can make the entire car buying process stress free since you won't have to haggle. Of course, you still face a risk of something going wrong with the car after you have purchased it.  California lemon law lawyers can provide you with representation if you buy a vehicle that turns out to be defective.

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