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Buying Your Teen a Car? Keep These Tips in Mind

» Posted July 13, 2018Resources | Share This Post

For many parents, the idea of a teenager starting to drive is the stuff of nightmares. Not only does auto insurance get more expensive with a teen driver on the policy, but young motorists face the biggest risk of accidents due to their inexperience and their propensity for risk taking.

Because teen drivers present a big risk on the road, parents need to be cautious about when and how to buy a teen driver a vehicle. Parents should also make certain teens know what to do if there are problems with the car. When issues arise, a Sacramento lemon law firm can help parents to explore legal remedies if the car they have bought their kids turns out to have major defects.

To help parents find a car that is safe and appropriate for their teen drivers, the Charlotte Post recently provided some tips for vehicle shopping.

Tips for Buying a Car for a Teen

Charlotte Post suggested that parents consider a few key things when buying a car for their teen driver.  These include:

  • Making sure the car is affordable

    To decide how much money you can spend on a car for a teen driver, think about total costs including gas, insurance, and maintenance. And determine if you'll take out a loan for the car or pay cash. If you take out a loan, it's a good idea to get pre-approved for financing so you can compare interest rates and know what's affordable before heading to the dealership.
  • Prioritizing desired features 

    It's unlikely you'll be able to afford – or even want to pay for – a car for your teen that comes equipped with every luxury feature imaginable. Because you'll have to make choice on add-ons, talk with your teen about the features most important to him and think about what matters to you, including in-vehicle safety technology. Considering what you and your child want in a car will help guide you towards which vehicle is the best option.
  • Research vehicle choices 

    You can look at new and used cars available in your area from reliable dealers to find out what vehicles are in your price range. Research these cars, including looking at reviews and safety ratings, to decide which vehicles you are willing to consider for your child.
  • Take the car for a test drive 

    If you've identified a car you think is a good fit, you should take your teen to try it out – and also test drive it yourself because your child is an inexperienced driver and may not know exactly what to look for.

When you've taken the time to find the perfect car for your teen driver and problems develop, this can be upsetting for you and for your son or daughter. A Sacramento lemon law firm can help you to take appropriate legal action if repeated problems arise. There are consumer protection laws in place, but it is up to you to find the right advocate to help you protect your rights and pursue a remedy.

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