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Bye-Bye New Car Smell

» Posted November 23, 2018Resources | Share This Post

Like popping open a fresh can of tennis balls, tossing a match into a charcoal barbecue grill, or standing too close to the dirty towels pile in the locker room, there’s a unique smell that comes with getting into a brand new car.

Some folks who call the fresh car scent “intoxicating” have gone to great lengths to describe the source of the smell and why so many people seem to enjoy it. Others are putting their time and effort into giving the aroma the boot.

Ford Motor Co. is trying to get a patent for what the company says is a new way to get rid of the “new car smell” before a vehicle leaves the factory. The automaker wants to scrap the scent for consumers in China, were Ford says it’s not exactly being bottled up and sold as perfume.

The company recently filed a request for a patent on its “vehicle odor remediation” process with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The system is designed to absorb new card “odor” and flush it out of the vehicle.

New car smell is a result of chemical compounds released from vinyl, leather and other interior materials when they warm up, the Detroit Free Press reports. Ford’s system coaxes the scent out by heating up the car before it leaves the plant.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Car Buyers

Maybe not everyone is a fan of the new car smell, but what really stinks is when you purchase a vehicle that doesn’t work properly. Cars often roll off the assembly line with various defects that can put drivers and anyone else at risk.

The good news for car buyers in the Golden State is that the California Lemon Law offers some important legal protections. The law obligates car manufacturers to take certain steps to fix defects while the vehicle is under warranty and to compensate the owner in the event that doesn’t work.

A manufacturer covered by the Lemon Law is required to compensate the owner for the purchase price and/or down payment and financing charges, as well as other expenses like car rentals, towing and repair costs. The automaker may also offer to replace the car instead.

The law applies to both new and used cars, if repair attempts happen during the vehicle’s warranty period.

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If you’re a California car owner who has been stuck with a lemon, it’s important that you consult an experienced lawyer to consider your rights and options. The California Lemon Law attorneys at the Bickel Law Firm have represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases across the state. We understand the significant stress that can come with haggling with car dealers and manufacturers. Our lawyers work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent.

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