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Car Negotiation Tips For People Who Hate Haggling

» Posted March 5, 2018Resources | Share This Post

There are a lot of reasons why buying a new car is not a fun process for most people. One issue is the risk that you'll get a vehicle which turns out to have serious problems. A San Diego lemon law attorney can provide you with help if you find yourself in this situation.

Buying a car may also be a challenging prospect for you if you hate to haggle since the car shopping experience requires you to negotiate on price to get the best deal. If you don't like negotiating but you still want to get a bargain on a car, there are a few key tips you can follow from Nerdwallet.

Car Buying Tips for People who Hate to Haggle

Some of the key tips recommended by the Nerdwallet article, which was written by an author who had  worked as a car dealer for a brief time, include the following:

  • Knowing the numbers before you go to the dealer: There are plenty of resources that you can use in order to research what a car should cost. If you do your research before going to the dealer, you will know what a fair price to pay is. That way, you can reject offers by the dealer if the price is too high and you'll know how much it is reasonable for you to offer to pay. You should research the price of a car you're considering buying, dealer incentives available, and the trade-in value of your car you're turning in.
  • Negotiate from home: You do not have to go into the dealer to negotiate. You can contact the Internet sales department online or via phone and if the dealer tries to get you to come in and test drive a car, you can simply state that you know exactly which vehicle you want but are negotiating online to nail down the details.
  • Use your offer as leverage: Once you get a price quote from a dealership, you can use that as your jumping off point to comparison shop. Nerdwallet doesn't advise sharing the specific competitor's number to beat but instead letting dealers know you already have an offer and asking them to make their best deal. They may come in lower than you expected.
  • Be ready to walk away: Going to the dealership a few times can be a good approach so the dealer negotiates down his own price because he knows you'll walk away. If you don't get a deal that you think is appropriate, don't be afraid to leave the dealership. There's always another car out there, and if you end up coming back for a vehicle you've seen in the past, chances are good the dealer won't want to lose your business again so will offer you a better bargain.

While haggling can help you to score a great deal, you could still end up being out a lot of money if your car has serious problems once you have purchased it. If you find yourself in this situation, a San Diego lemon law attorney can provide you with help understanding your legal rights and pursuing an appropriate remedy.

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