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Car Technology: More Vehicle Shoppers Want Tech That Helps Them Drive Better

» Posted August 27, 2018Resources | Share This Post

Cars seem to get more complicated every day, which means there are more potential parts to break. If you have a vehicle that has problems and doesn't operate as it should, you should contact California lemon law lawyers to find out if you have any legal remedies available to you.

One of the big reasons why cars have become increasingly complicated is because more technology has found its way into vehicles. Some of this technology aims to help save lives and make driving easier, but not all of it. Consumer Reports reported recently on a study of consumers that revealed it is these technologies that improve driving which are in the most demand by consumers.

Drivers Want In-Vehicle Technology That Helps Them Become Better Drivers

Consumer Reports reported on a survey of U.S. drivers who are planning to buy a car within the next two years. Among those survey respondents, 51 percent indicated to them that it was important for their next car to have a backup warning system and a rear-view camera.  Further, 45 percent also said they wanted a blind spot warning system to be installed in their vehicles.

Drivers want these technologies because they can help to reduce the chance of an accident happening so they make motorists feel safer. However, drivers generally did not want a car that took over the driving process for them. In fact, only 11 percent of all survey respondents wanted a vehicle that came equipped with technology that automatically accelerates, steers, or brakes.

Drivers likely aren't demanding technologies that drive for them because they don't yet have confidence that these systems are safe and because they want to be in control.

The program manager for vehicle interface at Consumer Reports said “These haven’t even been out long enough to have proven themselves safe, so it seems natural that drivers want to maintain control until the technology proves its effectiveness.”

Although motorists may not yet want self-driving technology, an increasing number of cars are equipped with features that essentially take over parts of car operations so drivers don't have to do it. This includes features such as Tesla's Autopilot or Volvo's Pilot Assist II.

Car makers are developing these technologies despite the lack of current consumer demand because it helps them to enhance their brand perception and because it allows them to be more prepared for the future. As self-driving technologies become more prevalent, these systems will hopefully prove that they work effectively and provide important safety benefits and more car owners will become comfortable with having the systems on their vehicles.

No matter how much technology your vehicle is equipped with, it won't do you any good if the tech isn't working properly. California lemon law lawyers can help you take action if you find yourself in a situation where your new car has technologies or other parts that are defective. Contact an attorney today to find out more about your options.

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