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Carfax Says 34% Of Cars on The Road Have Unrepaired Recall Issues

» Posted April 17, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Car recalls have been occurring in record numbers in recent years. Although manufacturers provide motorists with instructions for how to get problems fixed in case of a recall, actually resolving the issues that prompted the recalls is not always easy. 

A Sacramento lemon law firm can provide information to new car buyers about what to do when faced with repeated defects in a car they've purchased.  Many car buyers and owners, however, have no idea how to deal with problems or even how to know if their vehicle is subject to a recall.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsafe cars on the road as a result of lack of consumer knowledge, a lack of regulation, and an apparent unwillingness on the part of many car dealers to do the right thing.  Drivers need to know just how big the problem car recall problem is, and Car and Driver has published some troubling statistics demonstrating how much of a safety concern unrepaired recalls have become.

Record Numbers of Unrepaired, Recalled Vehicles are Driving on U.S. Roads

According to Car and Driver, there are a record number of vehicles on the roads throughout the United States that have been recalled but have not been repaired. In excess of 63 million vehicles across the United States are under active recall but are currently in use by motorists without the fixes being performed.  In some locations, like in Texas, just over one in three registered vehicles is operating despite having an open recall.

Texas isn't the only dangerous place. The five states with the highest volume of registered vehicles driving on the roads with unrepaired recall defects include California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Car and Driver has a number of theories on why there are so many recalled vehicles without repairs. One problem is that people don't have time to get fixes made to their cars. Another issue is that consumers may have to wait for dealers to get parts such as with the Takata airbags which have seen extensive delays. Moreover, some consumers may not even know their vehicle has unrepaired defects, especially as regulations allow used car dealers to sell cars that are under an open recall without first making fixes to the cars. Even certified pre-owned cars can be sold with open defects as long as the dealer has a sign somewhere in the dealership letting consumers know it's their responsibility to check for a recall.

The Bickel Law Firm, Inc. can provide motorists with assistance in understanding what their rights are if their cars have repeated problems.  It is important that every motorist know their consumer protection rights.

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