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Cars of the Near Future May Include External Airbags

» Posted November 9, 2018Resources | Share This Post

It seems like every time a new batch of cars rolls off the assembly line each year, the vehicles come with a fresh set of bells and whistles. That includes various enhancements meant to make people inside the car safer, like the external air bags that some manufacturers are currently tinkering with.

German auto parts maker ZF is working on airbags that pop out of the side of a vehicle in advance of a collision to soften the blow by absorbing the energy of the crash. The company envisions the new technology to be particularly effective in minimizing the impact of “T-bone” accidents, which often come with serious injuries for those involved.

The airbags operate similarly to those already found on the inside of many cars. They deploy when a driver slams the brakes or other shifts in momentum indicate a crash is likely. The external airbags are much bigger than their internal cousins, however, large enough to cover most of the side of a vehicle to create a new crumple zone.

ZF says its own tests show the pre-crash, external airbags can reduce injuries by up to 30 percent.

Protections for Airbag Defects in California

Although the airbags offer some potentially significant new safety protections for anyone who gets in a car, air bag malfunctions are often a common source of injuries in car accident cases. Millions of vehicles have been recalled over the years because of trouble with the airbags.

The good news for California car owners dealing with faulty airbags is that you have some significant legal protections. The California “Lemon Law” requires manufacturers of certain defective vehicles that haven’t been repaired after multiple attempts to compensate the owner or replace the vehicle. The money damages available include compensation for the purchase price and/or down payment and financing costs, as well as rental car, towing and repair expenses.

The law applies to both new and used cars, if repair attempts happen during the vehicle’s warranty period.

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