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CR-V Corrosion Forces Honda to Recall 560,000 SUVs

» Posted June 28, 2023Resources | Share This Post

Honda is calling back more than half a million of its popular CR-V sport utility vehicles, the Japanese auto manufacturer recently said.

Rust could cause rear suspension failure on some 2007-2011 SUVs, Honda recently told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The problem is particularly acute in so-called “salt belt” states where road salt  - an especially corrosive material - is commonly used to treat driving surfaces in the winter.

“In salt-belt states where de-icing agents are used to maintain the roadway, the de-icing agents, along with mud and water, could enter the rear frame through drainage/positioning holes when the vehicle is driven through flooded areas or puddles at high speeds,” Honda said in a defect notice.

“Over time, the accumulated de-icing agents/mud/water mixture could cause corrosion to the frame’s internal structure,” Honda added. “If this occurs, the rear trailing arm can fall off.”

The recall covers more than 560,000 CR-Vs made from 2007 to 2011, according to the notice. 

Honda told NHTSA it would notify owners of recalled cars in early May. The company asks owners to bring their vehicles to local dealers for inspection and repair, including the potential replacement of the rear trailing arm. Owners who have already paid to have cars repaired can seek reimbursement from Honda, the company added.

Defective Cars Pose Safety Risks

Recalls like this are far too common for Honda and other major vehicle manufacturers around the globe.

Automakers call back millions of vehicles combines every year, citing a wide range of defects and malfunctions that put everyone on the road at risk. These recalls often happen long after the defective cars have been sold to unsuspecting buyers.

That is where the California lemon law comes in for car owners and lessors in the Golden State. The law offers some important rights and protections.

The lemon law generally requires carmakers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces the manufacturers to buy back covered vehicles that they are not able or refuse to fix. 

A car manufacturer can instead offer to replace the vehicle, but it is up to the owner to decide whether to accept or reject this alternative arrangement. That includes compensating the owner for any down payment on the car, as well as for monthly loan payments, the outstanding balance on any loan. The manufacturer is also responsible for towing, rental cars and other related expenses.

A manufacturer can instead offer to replace the vehicle, but it is up to the owner to decide whether to accept or reject this alternative arrangement. An experienced lemon law attorney can help you understand your rights and weigh your options.

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