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Cruise Control Problems Lead to the Recall of Millions of Fiat Chrysler Vehicles

» Posted June 25, 2018Resources | Share This Post

When you're driving your car, you expect the features to work as expected – or at the very least not to put you in danger by creating a major safety risk. Unfortunately, many motorists find their cars fail to live up to even this basic expectation because the cars turn out to have dangerous defects. This is why motorists need to understand consumer protection laws and get help from a California lemon law attorney when issues arise.

One recent example of a situation where motorists found themselves with a vehicle that didn't perform as expected was Fiat Chrysler vehicles that had serious issues with cruise control.  Fiat Chrysler was actually forced to recall around 4.8 million cars because cruise control might not turn off when drivers try to shut it down.

Cruise Control Puts Drivers of Fiat Chrysler Vehicles at Risk

Consumer Reports reported on the problems with Fiat Chrysler vehicles. According to Consumer Reports, the recall includes Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models that are some of Fiat Chrysler's most popular vehicles. The Chrysler 300 sedan, Pacifica minivan, Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, and Ram pickup trucks are all part of the 4.8 vehicles that Fiat Chrysler has had to recall.

The car manufacturer is in the process of notifying drivers that their vehicles may have a serious safety issue with cruise control. When the cruise control works properly, drivers are able to turn it off by tapping on the brakes or by pushing a button.  Unfortunately, some cruise control systems in affected models of Fiat vehicles are short-circuiting. This means that drivers could find themselves unable to turn off the cruise control. Cars could also accelerate unexpectedly, which is a major safety risk because accidents could occur when cars start going faster without input from drivers.

Engineers discovered the problem when conducting torque control system testing, according to information provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A consumer also made a complaint in 2017 about a Dodge Journey experiencing the issue.

The director of auto testing at Consumer Reports advises that motorists who find themselves in a situation where cruise control won't turn off should stop the car as they normally would as soon as possible. Drivers should pull over and, after they've stopped the car, can use the shifter to put the car into park in order to disengage the cruise control. 

Of course, drivers aren't always able to stop before an accident happens, and Fiat Chrysler is warning motorists that they should not use the cruise control feature on their vehicles until they have had free repairs made in accordance with the recall that is currently underway.

While car manufacturers like Fiat Chrysler initiate recalls when a problem is widespread, there are many situations where individual motorists will experience safety issues or other defects with their vehicles that aren't subject to a recall. This can make it harder to get manufacturers to do the right thing and correct the issue so those experiencing problems should consult with a California lemon law attorney to get help they need in protecting their rights. Contact an attorney today to learn more.

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