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Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler Models Have Emissions Issues

» Posted March 20, 2019Resources | Share This Post

When an auto manufacturer recalls cars, it’s often because of defects that could make them unsafe for drivers, passengers and anyone else on the road by increasing the risk of an accident. Increasingly, however, carmakers are also recalling vehicles over concerns about compliance with environmental standards.

Fiat Chrysler America in March announced that it’s recalling more than 860,000 cars, including Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler models. The company says the effected vehicles are not up to snuff with current Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

“EPA welcomes the action by Fiat Chrysler to voluntarily recall its vehicles that do not meet U.S. emissions standards,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement announcing the recall. “We will provide assistance to consumers navigating the recall and continue to ensure that auto manufacturers abide by our nation’s laws designed to protect human health and the environment.”

The company said it noticed the problem during routine testing of tailpipe emissions. Those tests were forced by the EPA in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal, which costs VW $25 billion. Fiat Chrysler says it will replace catalytic converters and update software on the powertrain control modules in the vehicles. That work will be done in phases over the course of the year.

FCA will not be fined or face criminal charges as a result of the emissions problems. The company earlier this year agreed to pay $800 million to settle charges it installed faulty equipment in Jeep and Ram vehicles that allowed them to skirt emissions requirements, undetected.

The California Lemon Law

The latest FCA recall may concern environmental standards, but it’s also another sign that even the largest carmakers aren’t exactly always precise when it comes to ensuring that their vehicles are ready for the road. The unfortunate truth is that many cars leave the factory floor loaded with defects that can put everyone at risk.

Car buyers and lessors in California have some legal protections. The California lemon law obligates manufacturers to try to make certain repairs to vehicles while they are still under warranty. If the manufacturer isn’t able to successfully repair the car, it’s required under the law to either replace the vehicle or take it back and compensate the buyer or lessor for the purchase price and other related costs. It also forces the manufacturer to pick up any of your legal costs related to enforcing these rights.

How We Can Help You Enforce You California Lemon Law Rights

At the Bickel Law Firm, our California lemon law attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases under the California lemon law. We understand that dealing with a lemon can be stressful. Our lawyers are here to take on the responsibility to getting you the full remedies available under the law.

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