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Electric Porsche Outselling 911

» Posted September 17, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Porsche might not exactly be best known for fuel economy, but the German luxury sports car manufacturer’s electric offering is quickly attracting a lot of fans.

The upcoming electric Taycan is set to outpace Porsche’s 911 in sales before the new sedans even officially hit the road, the company recently announced. Porsche has already received some 30,000 pre-orders for the car, which will not even be publicly unveiled until a September show in Frankfurt, according to Jalopnik.

The company has already increased the first year of Taycan production to 40,000 cars. That is about 5,000 more than the number of 911s Porsche usually sells each year.

The Taycan is widely expected to give Tesla a run for its money in the high end electric vehicle market. The car is the product of a $ 1 billion investment over 5 years, according to Car and Driver.

Some of the details surrounding the Taycan remain unclear, but it is said to come with more than 600 horsepower on all four wheels. That would allow it to move from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 3.5 seconds and to 120 miles an hour in 12 seconds. The car’s battery is said to have a range of about 300 miles and can be recharged up to 80 percent in about 15 minutes.

Legal Protections for Drivers with Defective Vehicles

The Taycan sounds like one heck of a ride for a very narrow segment of society that can afford it. Yet, no matter the price tag that comes with a vehicle, one thing that many have in common is defects that can pose serious safety hazards for everyone on the road.

Earlier this year, for example, Porshce recalled nearly 30,000 vehicles over concerns about break warning lights and potential fuel leaks.

The California lemon law is designed to protect car owners and lessors who have been stuck with a defective vehicle. It requires carmakers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. A manufacturer who is unable or unwilling to fix the problem has to buy the car back, including paying the purchase price, financing charges and related expenses. It can also offer to replace the vehicle, but it is ultimately the owner’s decision whether to accept that offer.

Consult an Experienced California Lemon Law Attorney

If you have been stuck with a lemon, you have the right to take legal action against the car manufacturer. The California Lemon Law lawyers at the Bickel Law Firm can help.

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases across the state. We understand the significant stress that can come with haggling with car dealers and manufacturers. That is why we work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent.

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