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Fires Prompt New Mini Cooper Recall

» Posted May 17, 2024Resources | Share This Post

Mini is recalling some 125 Cooper SE vehicles over a defect that could cause the cars to stall or spark battery fires.

Water leaks could cause an electrical short, the company recently told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That poses the risk of vehicle stalls and possible fires, Mini continued.

Improper sealing is to blame for the issue, according to the automaker.

“On certain production dates, there was an insufficient application of the sealing compound around the sealing surface of the two housing halves of the high voltage battery module, which could lead to water ingress in the high voltage battery,” Mini said in a defect notice.

“If water ingress enters the housing of the high voltage battery, an isolation fault will be set, and the vehicle will display a warning message,” Mini added. “Over time, water ingress can lead to further isolation faults.”

The recall covers more than 125 vehicles from model years 2021 through 2023. Mini said it believes only about 10% of the recalled cars actually have the defect.

The company plans to notify owners of recalled cars via mail by June 21, Mini told NHTSA. It will ask owners to bring their vehicles to authorized dealers for inspection and repair.

“The high voltage battery will be leak tested and inspected for isolation faults within the high voltage battery housing,” Mini said in the defect notice. “If water ingress is present, the high voltage battery will be repaired.”

These kinds of recalls are all too common for major auto manufacturers. The moves often come after defective cars have left factory floors and dealership lots, sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Take BMW, for example. Mini’s parent company announced late last year that it was recalling more than 200 vehicles because of steering issues that pose real safety hazards. 

That came months after BMW announced it was calling back more than 11,000 iX SUVs. BMW said at the time that drivers could accidentally activate the cars’ cruise control systems while behind the wheel.

Know Your California Lemon Law Rights

It is important to understand that car owners and lessors in California have some significant rights and protections under the state’s lemon law. Namely, you do not need to wait around for a recall to get a defective car fixed.

The lemon law, known formally as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, requires auto manufacturers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces those companies to buy back vehicles that they cannot or will not fix. That includes covering the purchase price, financing fees and other related expenses.

A carmaker can instead offer to replace the vehicle, but it is up to the owner to decide whether to accept or reject this alternative arrangement. An experienced lemon law attorney can help you understand your rights and take action.

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