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Flying Lamborghini Engine Covers Prompt a Recall

» Posted March 24, 2021Resources | Share This Post

This probably is not what sports car enthusiasts mean when they say their vehicles can “fly.”

Lamborghini is recalling more than 220 Aventador SVJ coupes, Car Scoops reports. The Italian luxury manufacturer says the supercars’ hoods could fly open unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a crash.  

“Loss of torque of engine hood hinge screws may result in an unlatched hood,” Lamborghini said in a notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “This could increase the likelihood that with a combination of factors such as high speed under strong vertical and longitudinal acceleration, the wind force is sufficient to inadvertently flip open the hood.”

The recall covers certain coupes from model years 2018 to 2021, which were built during a specific 2.5-year period. Lamborghini said it will notify the owners of recalled cars in early April and ask them to bring their vehicles in for free repairs at a local dealership.

The company told NHTSA that it is not aware of any accidents caused by the defect. Still, it warned that the flying hoods pose a potentially serious hazard.

“If this condition occurs, the hood may flip open without warning and could fully detach from the vehicle, creating a road hazard and increasing the safety-risk of a crash for following traffic,” Lamborghini said in the defect notice.

How California’s Lemon Law Protects Car Owners

Whether you are behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or driving a more modestly priced vehicle like the rest of us, defects like the malfunctioning hoods are a real safety risk.

The good news is that the California lemon law offers some valuable protections to car owners and lessors in the Golden State. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires car manufacturers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty.

The law also forces the manufacturer to buy back cars that the company cannot or refuses to fix. That includes compensating the owner for the purchase price, financing costs and other related expenses.

The law allows the manufacturer to instead offer to replace the vehicle, but it is up to the owner to decide whether to accept this alternative arrangement in place of a buyback.

How a San Diego Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

If you are a California car owner who has been stuck with a defective vehicle, a San Diego lemon law attorney at Bickel Sannipoli APC can help you understand your rights and options.

Our firm has represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases across the state. Our lawyers work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent, guiding them through the legal process every step of the way. We have a strong track record of successful results for our clients.

Our offices are conveniently located in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Call us at (888) 800-1983 or contact us online to speak with a San Diego lemon law attorney.

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