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For-Hire Automobiles: Some Owners Are Not Getting Their Cars Fixed

» Posted February 24, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Drivers who drive for car sharing services depend on their vehicles for their livelihood. Unfortunately, many of the cars that these drivers own are among the millions of vehicles subject to recalls for serious defects over the last several years.

Those who have repeated problems with their cars should talk with a California lemon law attorney about their options for resolving issues with their vehicles.  When you drive for a living, you cannot afford to have your car repeatedly breaking down. Contact The Bickel Law Firm, Inc. to find out what legal options may be available to you.

Defects in For-Hire Vehicles are Not Being Repaired

Recently, WCSH6 reported on problems with cars that are used for ride-sharing services. When a person calls for a taxi, Uber, or a ride from Lyft, there is more than a one-in-three chance that the car that arrives will not have undergone safety repair work that is required under federally-mandated recalls. 

This troubling data comes from a review of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN numbers) of for-hire vehicles in major cities throughout the United States. The VIN numbers registered to car sharing services was compared with a database prepared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  In some locations, the rate of non-repaired recalled vehicles was even higher, with as many as one in 2.5 cars used in ride-sharing having an outstanding recall.

Many of the vehicles that have been subject to recalls in recent years have experienced serious problems, including issues with airbags that explode, problems with the engine or engine cooling system, and issues with steering shifts or accelerator pedals. These problems can make a vehicle very unsafe to drive.

Carfax indicates that the rates of repairs of for-hire vehicles is lower than the rate of repairs for private vehicles after a recall.  While around one-in-three cars used for ride sharing has unrepaired defects despite recalls, only one-in-five private vehicles has unrepaired defects. Some safety experts believe that motorists who use their cars to make a living may be less likely to want to take their car in to address the vehicle problems since they rely upon their cars for income. 

It is also possible that some motorists are unaware of the extent of the dangers presented by the defects within their vehicle, or that the motorists have attempted repairs but have been unsuccessful because of logistical difficulties. A record number of recalls have been issued in recent years, and sometimes getting necessary repairs can be delayed due to limited availability of replacement parts and repair technicians.

If you have a car with ongoing and repeated defects, you should talk with a knowledgeable lemon law attorney about how the law protects you.  Call The Bickel Law Firm, Inc. today for a free consultation. 

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