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Ford Adds a Second Plant for Electric Cars

» Posted April 10, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Ford Motor Company is doubling down on its push to go electric.

The American car maker its expanding electric vehicle production efforts at two plants. Ford says it’s going to widen its battery electric vehicle production at a facility in southeast Michigan and build electric sport utility vehicles at a factory in Mexico.

The move means a fresh $850 million investment in Ford’s Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan.

That’s part of a larger $11.1 billion the company has said it will pour into the development of electric vehicles. Ford plans to develop 40 vehicle models that are at least partially powered by electricity by 2022, with 16 of the models fully electric.

In Mexico, the company is focusing on building an electric SUV that Ford calls “mustang-inspired.” The goals is for that car to be able to get up to 300 miles per charges, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Ford is also working on a fleet of autonomous vehicles at the Flat Rick plant. Those hybrid cars will be available for commercial use in 2021, the company says.

“As we ramp up AV production, this plan allows us to adjust our investment spending to accommodate the pace of growth of this exciting new technology,” Ford President Joe Hinrichs said. “This new plan combines our core strength in mass manufacturing with the agility and leanness we’ve shown with our modification centers for specialty manufacturing.”

Legal Rights for California Car Owners

With all of the money that car makers are spending on new facilities and vehicles models these days, it’s easy to forget that building an automobile is a science that’s yet to be perfected. In fact, many new cars are sold with significant defects that can be difficult to spot. That creates some serious safety hazards for everyone on the road.

The California lemon law protects car buyers and lessors in the Golden State. Officially known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the law requires a manufacturer to make certain repairs to a vehicle while it is still under warranty. If those repair attempts don’t actually fix the problem, the car maker has to take the vehicle back and reimburse the buyer or lessor for related costs. That includes the purchase prices and financing costs, as well as repair, rental car and other expenses.

The manufacturer can also offer to replace the lemon with a new car. It’s ultimately up to the owner or lessor to decide whether to accept that deal.

The good news for anyone stuck with a lemon in California is that the law also requires the car manufacturer to pick up the tab for any legal costs that you incur as a result of enforcing your rights. An experienced California lemon law attorney can provide vital assistance in helping you ensure that the car maker is held responsible.

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