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Ford Developing Cellular Tech to Warn Vehicles, Pedestrians of Oncoming Accidents

» Posted January 14, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Smart devices have already changed the way we live, now mobile technology is set to change the way we drive. Ford Motor Co. is working on new safety technology that’s designed to warn people in the vicinity of an oncoming accident before the crash happens.

The company recently announced that it plans to use cellular-vehicle-to-everything, or C-V2X, in its cars to communicate with other cars through a cellular network. It also hopes to eventually have the infrastructure in which cars can also communicate with traffic lights, road signs, and pedestrians to make everyone on the street safer.

One benefit of the technology is that it’s expected to give drivers information about traffic, accidents and hazards ahead. In other words, it can see around corners, beyond blind spots and ahead of the vehicle’s sight line. It can also chat with traffic lights to alert people when a light is about to change.

Ford’s move is a break from other automakers who are going in a different direction on vehicle-to-everything communications. Toyota and other manufacturers have been pushing dedicated short range communications (DSRC) as a way for cars to “talk” when they’re out on the road. The problem is that cars with C-V2X won’t be able to communicate with those operating on DSRC.

How California Law Protects Car Buyers

All of the fancy bells and whistles in the world aren’t worth much if they don’t work properly.

Fortunately, California Lemon Law offers some important legal protections to new and used car buyers in the Golden State. The law obligates car manufacturers to take certain steps to fix defects while the vehicle is under warranty and to compensate the owner in the event that doesn’t work.

A manufacturer covered by the Lemon Law is required to pay the owner for the purchase price and/or down payment and financing charges, as well as other expenses like car rentals, towing and repair costs. The automaker may also offer to replace the car instead.

The law applies to both new and used cars, if repair attempts happen during the vehicle’s warranty period. The number of repair attempts required for the law to kick in depends on the situation.

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