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Ford Recalls Millions of Vehicles Due to Steering Wheel Problems

» Posted March 30, 2018Resources | Share This Post

When you purchase a new vehicle, you have a right to expect that your car will be free of problems. Unfortunately, your expectations are not always met. Your car could have repeated issues, in which case you need to talk with a California lemon law attorney about your rights. Your vehicle could also have a serious defect that prompts manufacturer recall.

Just recently, for example, Ford was forced to recall more than one million cars. The problem: the steering wheel on the vehicle could come loose. Obviously, if this occurs, this creates an unacceptably dangerous risk of an accident and injuries.

Ford Recalls a Million Cars Due to Steering Wheel Problems

USA Today reported on the recent recall of Ford vehicles as a result of problems with the steering wheel. According to USA Today, a grand total of 1.38 million Ford Lincoln vehicles were affected. The cars that were included in the recall were the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKX sedan. The model years were from 2014 to 2018. 

Ford was prompted to recall the cars because the car manufacturer discovered that bolts holding the steering wheel onto the steering column could potentially loosen. When and if these bolts come lose, the steering wheel could become detached from the steering column.

Numerous reports of the problem with the steering wheel have been made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over a period of several months prior to the recall. For example, one driver indicated that the steering wheel of the Ford he was driving came  loose while he was on the interstate. The vehicle veered off of the road before the driver could regain control. While the driver was eventually able to begin steering the car as it was careening off of the road, the driver indicated that the wheel remained loose after the incident. He indicated in his complaint that the repairs to fix the steering wheel issue were too expensive for him.

Another driver said he was driving the car at 55 MPH when the steering wheel suddenly and independently, without any warning, turned 360 degrees before detaching from the vehicle.

While the complaints paint a picture of many different drivers having dangerous experiences because of the steering wheel coming loose, there are also other motorists who have actually been hurt by problems with the steering on their Ford vehicles. In fact, USA Today indicated Ford had discovered at least two accidents attributed to problems with the steering wheel and at least one of those incidents resulted in injuries occurring.

And these troublesome stories of serious problems with Ford vehicles are just a few of many reported incidents of people having major problem with the steering wheel, with  over 1.3 million Fords equipped with the bolts that can come loose.

A California lemon law attorney can provide help to those who have purchased vehicles like the Ford that has serious problems.  Contact an attorney for help if you have vehicle issues so you can ensure you know your rights.

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