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Future Volvos, Big Rigs Will Soon Be Able to Communicate With Each Other

» Posted May 30, 2018Resources | Share This Post

When there are hazards on the road, it could be very helpful if motorists are able to warn each other. In fact, allowing drivers in different vehicles to communicate with each other could help to reduce accidents in a number of different ways. This is why it is good news that The Car Connection reports future Volvo cars and trucks will be able to talk to each other.

It's likely that Volvo will not be the only car company that facilitates communication among motorists. Others are likely to embrace communications technologies as well, especially if accidents are prevented when Volvo drivers become able to talk to each other from within their vehicles while driving.

However, as this type of technology is embraced and becomes more widespread, motorists could end up facing issues if the technology in their own vehicles turns out not to work due to defects. A San Diego lemon law attorney can provide help in circumstances where there are frequent issues with any in-vehicle technologies or with any vehicle parts, components or systems. 

Volvo Cars and Trucks Will Soon be Able to Share information

According to the Car Connection, Volvo cars is a separate company from Volvo trucks – but the company is still taking steps to ensure that both car and truck owners can talk with each other in order to allow the maximum number of motorists to share real-time accident-prevention data.

The Volvo communications system will be called Connected Safely, and it will debut in Norway and Sweden this year. The system is being attempted there first, in part, because there are so many Volvos on the road in this geographic area. 

The system will use a cloud-based service Volvo embraced in 2016 that allows some degree of communication. For example, the original cloud-based service allows any driver operating a car using the service to send an anonymous warning to other cars that also have the service installed in order to indicate that there is an issue such as the car's hazard lights being turned on.

The existing cloud-based system, however, will be expanded and enhanced so motorists can do more to protect themselves and others. For example, the service may be enhanced so motorists can share more warnings such as a warning about icy roads. The goal is to allow communication so motorists won't be surprised by issues that arise. Ultimately, the hope is that this could lead to a situation where close to zero motor vehicle accidents occur.

Volvo's Connected Safety System is not the only one under development or being tested. Other companies are also developing new communications technologies, including technologies that integrate with self-driving vehicle systems. Volvo hopes other vehicle manufacturers will join their Connected Safety system to enhance its effectiveness because more drivers will be able to share information on road hazards.

While these systems can hopefully help to reduce collisions, more technology in cars means more potential for things to go wrong. A San Diego lemon law attorney can provide representation to drivers whose vehicles turn out to have defects, so contact an attorney for help if you have problems with your car or its components.

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