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General Motors Recalls More Vehicles Due to New Problems

» Posted November 14, 2016Resources | Share This Post

General Motors has recalled millions of cars in recent years. In 2014 alone, 12.8 million GM cars were recalled worldwide. This included 11.1 million General Motors cars in the United States being recalled.  CNN Money reports that the total cost of all of the GM recalls was an estimated $4.1 billion.  

The massive scope of the recall showed just how many consumers can be seriously affected if a car has problems and is sold anyway. Unfortunately, consumers face risks of injury and substantial financial loss whenever car problems arise. An Orange County lemon law attorney can provide information about how the laws protect consumers and discuss other consumer protection laws that exist to try to keep drivers safe.  

Just recently, for example, GM has announced that it now has to recall millions more cars. This time, there is an entirely separate problem from prior recalls involving ignition switches. The new issue prompting the latest recall is related to a defect in airbag software.

Airbag Software Problem Prompts Recall of More GM Vehicles

The airbag issue prompting the recalls is a software problem that prevents airbags from deploying.  The airbags work because of a small computer that acts as a sensing and diagnostic module. The small computer monitors what is going on in the car and, when necessary, deploys the airbag.

Unfortunately, in certain cases, the sensing and diagnostic module can switch itself into test mode. It will no longer monitor what is going on when it is in test mode, and it will not deploy the airbags in the event of a collision. Tragically, if this happens and there is a problem with the module, the seat belts in the vehicle also will not work.

There have been at least three injuries and one fatality already linked to the problems with the airbag software. GM first discovered the issue back in May of 2014 after a Chevy Silverado became involved in a collision and the truck's airbags did not deploy. Testing was performed to determine the issue, and a decision was made to recall vehicles with the affected modules.

Car owners are encouraged to bring their vehicle to dealers for a repair of the module. The fix involves updating software. The recall by GM was voluntary, and GM has indicated that the cost of the recall is not likely to be material because simply updating the software is not costly. For consumers at risk of injury or death, however, the potential damage could be grave.

Car owners need to follow news of recalls so they can get their cars fixed and hopefully avoid injury in auto accidents. Motor vehicle owners also need to make sure they understand all consumer protection laws, including California’s lemon law. You may one day need to seek a legal remedy as a result of issues with your car and knowing what to expect is the key to being able to take the appropriate action.

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