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GMC Trucks to Come With “Invisible” Trailer

» Posted February 18, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Many truck drivers make decisions about which vehicles to buy based on how much stuff they can haul. But hitting the road with a heavy load tied to the back can also create some safety hazards. That’s why GMC is rolling out a line of trucks with “invisible” trailers.

GMC’s 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty trucks will feature a series of 15 cameras that allow drivers to be able to see what’s behind their trailers. The cameras, available as an accessory, also allow drivers to keep an eye on the cargo inside the trailer.

The added visibility is intended to make it easier for trucks to navigate tight spaces and merge onto busy highways. The new Heaty Duty trucks will come with enough power to tow more than 30,000 lbs. in cargo. The cameras also give drivers 15 new ways to keep their eyes on the road.

Legal Protections for Southern California Car Buyers

The new “invisible” trailer feature for GMC trucks is the latest example of how carmakers are constantly looking to enhance the safety of everyone on the road. Unfortunately, however, many new models roll off of the assembly line with significant defects that can create unexpected hazards.

That’s why California’s lemon law provides some basic protections for car buyers and lessors. The law requires automobile manufacturers to make certain repairs to cars while they’re under warranty. If those repair efforts aren’t successful, the manufacturer has to replace the vehicle or compensate the owner (or lessor) for the cost of the car. The number of repair attempts a manufacturer has to make before being liable under the lemon law varies based on the specific circumstances.

To be covered by the law, you must take certain steps to try to get the car repaired while it’s under warranty. You also have to document those efforts, as well as any signs that the repair work wasn’t successful. An experienced Los Angeles lemon law attorney can help you build the strongest possible case for compensation.

Talk With an Experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

If you’re a California car owner with a defective vehicle, an experienced lemon law attorney can help ensure that the manufacturer is made accountable. The Los Angeles Lemon Law attorneys at the Bickel Law Firm have represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases in Southern California and across the state. Our lawyers work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent.

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