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Honda Extends Warranty on CR-Vs, Civics

» Posted June 14, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Concerns about engine troubles in some of Honda’s most popular vehicles have the Japanese automaker taking an unusual step: It is adding another year on certain warranties for some 1 million CR-Vs and Civics.

The company is extending the warranty on some powertrain components for affected vehicles from six to seven years, according to Consumer Reports. The move comes in response to complaints about engine problems occurring when gasoline seeps into engine oil. That could cause cars to stall – particularly in cold weather – and mean more wear and tear on engines over the long run.

Honda owners have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including reports of unexpected stalling. The company told Car and Driver in January that it would not issue a recall for the impacted vehicles, 2017-2018 CR-V sport utility vehicles and some 2016-2018 Civics with 1.5-liter engines, because the issues did not raise any safety concerns.

The problem appears to be the result of a software error, according to Consumer Reports.

“Abnormal oil dilution remains extremely rare, especially outside of extremely cold weather,” a Honda spokesman told the publication. “In extreme and rare cases in the cold-weather states, where abnormal oil dilution has occurred prior to a vehicle receiving the software updates, this extension will provide extra time for any undetected engine damage to become apparent and be covered by the warranty.”

How the California Lemon Law Protects Car Buyers, Lessors

Honda owners are not the only ones dealing with unexpected defects in their cars. The truth is that vehicles leave factory floors and dealership lots every day with significant design and manufacturing problems that can put everyone on the road at risk.

That’s where the California lemon law comes in. The law forces a car manufacturer to buy back a car if the manufacturer is unwilling or unable to fix defects while the car is still under warranty. The carmaker has to compensate the owner or lessor for the purchase price, including financing charges and down payments, as well as other related costs.

The manufacturer is also on the hook for any legal fees that you incur as a result of enforcing your rights under the law.

Talk With an Experienced California Lemon Law attorney

If you are a car owner or lessor who has been stuck with a lemon, an experienced California lemon law can help. A lawyer can guide you through the legal process to ensure that the car manufacturer is made fully accountable.

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