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How Audi Helps Drivers Make That Green Light

» Posted April 24, 2019Resources | Share This Post

Anyone who’s ever been behind the wheel of a car in traffic understands the feeling of sheer joy that can come with making a green light. Now the German car makers at Audi are loading some of their vehicles with new technology intended to make it easier to go for the green.

Audi’s Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory technology allows cars to communicate with traffic signals in certain cities. GLOSA then recommends speeds a driver should maintain to minimize the number of red lights he or she will hit on the way from Point A to Point B.

“Audi is committed to moving America in many ways, including through the development of industry-leading connectivity and mobility solutions,” Mark Del Rosso, the company’s president said in a recent announcement. “Not only do vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies like GLOSA benefit drivers today, they’re also the critical steps needed as we continue toward an automated future.”

The system uses an on-board 4G LTE data connection to gather traffic signal information from participating cities. That includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., New York, Phoenix and Houston. GLOSA then draws on the information to show the driver upcoming traffic signals, what phase those signals are in, and how long until the lights change colors.

The feature is available for Audi owners and lessors who subscribe to the monthly Connect Prime package. Connect Prime is offered in 2017, 2018 and newer Audi models.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Car Buyers, Lessors

The new green light technology is just one example of the various advances that car manufacturers have made in enhancing the way people travel. The problem, however, is that many new vehicles are also loaded with significant defects. These defects, which are often difficult to initially detect, raise serious safety hazards for both the people in the car and everyone else on the road.

That’s where the California Lemon Law comes in. The state law requires a manufacturer make certain repairs to a vehicle while it’s under warranty. In the event that the repairs don’t fix the problem, the car maker has to take the vehicle back and compensate the owner or lessor or replace the automobile.

The law also forces the manufacturer to pick up any of your legal costs related to enforcing these rights.

How Our California Lemon Law Attorneys Can Help You

If you are the owner or lessor of a defective car in California, you have the right to pursue your claims under the state lemon law. The California Lemon Law attorneys at the Bickel Law Firm can help. We have represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases across the state. Our lawyers work aggressively to resolve these cases for the people that we represent. We do not charge upfront fees in most cases.

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