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How to Get a Good Deal on a Car and Avoid Being Ripped Off

» Posted June 30, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Consumers are at risk of loss from dishonest dealers who overcharge them or sell them vehicles with serious problems.  Motorists could also lose money if the car they buy turns out to have numerous defects. The good news is that California’s Lemon Law can protect many car buyers under these circumstances.

Buying a car can be confusing for many consumers, so motorists should take measures to protect themselves from incurring a loss on a new vehicle. Just recently, Auto World published a guide to buying a car while not getting ripped off by car dealers.

Tips for Buying a Car  

Auto World News recommends that consumers try to narrow down their preferences for a vehicle before going to a dealer.  Drivers should make a checklist of the features they want and are encouraged to shop across different brands on the Internet to narrow down their choices.

Once a car buyer knows which vehicle she wants, she should shop around at different dealers who sell that particular model.  Consumers are advised to talk to as many different dealers as they can to get an idea of price variation. Car buyers should ask the dealer for the “best and final” purchase price. Then, once they know exactly what the seller's officer is on the vehicle price, they can ask about trade-in value for their current car.

Haggling is a part of the process, and consumers should have an idea of the going price of the car they want and of what their trade-in is worth so they can come from a position of knowledge in their negotiations. Consumers can then compare the best deals offered by each dealership to see which overall deal will provide them with the lowest cost option, including trade-in offers.

Financing should be negotiated after the buyer knows the price of the car and the trade-in value. Consumers could also consider a car loan from a credit union or bank. This gives consumers the ability to get lower rates in many situations, and it removes the possibility that a dealer will play games with financing to make more of a profit off the consumer.

Of course, once you've negotiated a good price on a car, it could still turn out to be defective.  You should talk with an Orange County lemon law lawyer to find out what your options are if your car has problems. The Bickel Law Firm, Inc. can help you to explore legal remedies that could be available to you, so call us if you have car problems.

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