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How to Get the Best Car Dealership Experience

» Posted February 19, 2018Resources | Share This Post

A San Diego lemon law attorney can provide help if you have problems after you have purchased a new car if your vehicle has problems. Buying a car can be a stressful endeavor, as it is expensive to purchase a vehicle and many consumers don't really know how to protect their interests during the car buying transaction.

You want to have the best dealership experience possible and get as good of a deal on a vehicle as you can, but knowing how to do that can be complicated. Fortunately, Auto Guide has some tips for improving your dealership experience.

Tips for Improving Your Car Dealership Experience

AutoGuide provided five key tips for having the best possible experience possible at a car dealership. These tips include:

  • Choosing a location that works for your situation: Ideally, you want to buy your vehicle at a location that is convenient to where you work or live. When you need service or repairs, it will be easier to take the car in if the dealership is in a convenient location. However, you should also check whether the dealership offers any type of valet or pickup service where someone comes and gets your car while you're at home or at work and returns it when service is complete. Many dealerships now offer these perks and they can make your life a lot easier.
  • Understanding how the “game” works when it comes to a dealer's sales pitch: When you buy a car, the dealer of course wants to make a profit. Dealers typically try to up-sell you as much as possible and get you to buy expensive ad-ons. You can avoid wasting money and get the best deal possible by doing your research before going to the dealer. Figure out exactly what kind of car you want, what it should cost, and what features you want on the car. Be firm about sticking to your plans when you go to see the dealer.
  • Taking the time to learn about a vehicle: Learning a lot about the car you want is important when going to the dealer to buy a car and it's also important to make sure the dealer shows you around the car so you can get some practical real-world advice on operations. You should ask the car dealer for a hands-on demonstration of any vehicle features you aren't fully familiar with so you can understand whether they are worth your while before you buy and so you'll know how to use them after you've purchased.
  • Carefully reviewing your vehicle owner's manual: As soon as you buy a car, read the owner's manual carefully. This will help you to maintain the car properly and limit service visits and repairs.
  • Treating dealership service interval specials with skepticism: When you take your car for regularly scheduled maintenance, dealers typically try to up-sell you on fixes or updates you may not need. Be careful not to agree to any unnecessary service that doesn't help your car's operations in the long-run.

By following these tips, hopefully you can improve your overall experience in dealing with car dealers. However, if your vehicle has serious problems, correcting the issue may require you to reach out to a San Diego lemon law attorney to protect your rights.

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