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Hummer Plots Comeback with Electric Pickup

» Posted March 13, 2020Resources | Share This Post

Nothing quite explains what life on the road was like in the early aughts like the Hummer experience. More than a decade after the gas-guzzling behemoths went the way of the dinosaur, the brand is back in electric form.

General Motors announced in January that it was reviving the Hummer brand, starting with a new electric pickup truck. The vehicle is the first in what GM expects to be a long line of zero emissions trucks.

“Our electric trucks will change what people thought they knew about EVs – and everything they know about Hummers,” GM President Mark Reuss said in a statement announcing the new vehicle. “The GMC Hummer EV is our first entry, but it won’t be alone for long. We will offer not just one pickup, but multiple models with multiple variants, for multiple customers - a vehicle and package for everyone.

Since that announcement, Road & Track has sleuthed out additional details of the project. The 1,000-horsepower electric truck is likely to be offered with adjustable air suspension and may feature a removable targa roof. General Motors has also said it expects to follow up on the pickup version with a new Hummer sport utility vehicle.

California Car Safety Protections

Although new vehicle announcements like Hummer’s return are good for generating buzz, the fact is that GM and other automakers are already having a hard enough time making their existing automobile lineup in a way that is safe.

GM, for instance, recently announced that it was recalling roughly 370,000 pickup trucks because of an engine block heater cord defect. The company said the problem could cause engines to catch fire. A few months later, the company said it was calling back another 150,000 vehicles because of a warning light problem.

The good news for California car owners is that the state’s lemon law provides some significant legal protections. The law forces car manufacturers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also obligates the manufacturer to buy back the vehicle if it is unable or unwilling to fix the problem. The manufacturer can instead offer to replace the car, but it is up to the owner to decide whether to take that alternative option.

Consult a California Lemon Law Attorney

If you are a car owner or lessor who is haggling with a car manufacturer over repairs, an experienced California lemon law attorney can help. A lawyer can help you weigh your rights and options to ensure that the carmaker is held fully accountable.

At the Bickel Law Firm, we have represented hundreds of clients in defective vehicle cases in Southern California and across the state. We work tirelessly to get the people we represent the compensation they deserve and we have a strong track record of success.

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