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Is Your Vehicle Covered Under California’s Lemon Law?

» Posted June 16, 2016Resources | Share This Post

California’s Lemon Law generally applies to three kinds of automobiles: certified pre-owned automobiles that are still covered under the original factory warranty or an extended warranty that was acquired by way of the certification process; new automobiles that are covered by their original warranty; and used automobiles that are still covered by the original factory warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Lemon laws will apply to certified pre-owned automobiles as long as the repair work was done during the warranty period. Certified pre-owned vehicle programs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is imperative that buyers review their sales documents to ensure they know and understand when the warranty expires.

Individuals should also be aware that certified pre-owned automobiles can only be bought from the dealer that manufactures the particular vehicle. So, a certified pre-owned Honda can only come from a Honda dealer, not an Infiniti dealer.

New Automobiles

Anyone who purchases a new vehicle, but has to take it back to the dealer for warranty-covered repairs several times for the same issue and/or defect may be dealing with a lemon. That being the case, buyers are encouraged to maintain all documentation related to the repairs performed on the vehicle, as well as all purchase documents and warranty information.

This means that even if your vehicle isn’t fixed, you should make sure to obtain a repair order or ticket that can be used as proof of your visit to the dealer regarding the problem at issue.

Used Automobiles

California’s Lemon Law will generally apply to used vehicles that are purchased from dealers, not private sellers. Moreover, the law will only apply if the repairs obtained were covered under a dealer or manufacturer warranty.

Regardless of whether a vehicle is new, used or certified pre-owned, the purchase of an automobile is usually an expensive, considered purchase for most individuals. That said, it is important for consumers to know and understand their rights and options under the law when it comes to the purchase of vehicles.

If you have questions about whether or not your vehicle purchase is protected by California lemon law, contact a lemon law lawyer today to learn how the laws may protect you.

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