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Kia Says Roofs Could Fly Off 100,000 Vehicles

» Posted March 11, 2024Resources | Share This Post

Car roofs are supposed to protect people inside their vehicles not create safety hazards for everyone else on the road.

Kia is recalling some 100,000 cars whose roofs could unexpectedly fly off in traffic, the automaker recently told federal regulators. The Korean manufacturer said in a defect notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that faulty roof molding - and improper installation - is to blame for the problem.

“The roof molding may become loose or detach under certain circumstances either due to interference of the roof molding retaining clip(s) with excessive roof panel sealer or due to improper installation of the roof molding during vehicle assembly,” Kia told NHTSA.

“A detached roof molding can create a road hazard for other vehicles, increasing the risk of a crash,” the company added.

The recall covers certain 2022 through 2024 Kia Carnival minivans, as well as Kia Sportage sport utility vehicles from model years 2023 and 2024.

Kia plans to notify owners of recalled cars by mid-March, the company told NHTSA. Kia owners can also check the agency’s website to see if their vehicles are covered by the recall.

The company will ask owners to bring their cars to authorized service providers for inspection and repair. It will also reimburse owners who have already paid out of pocket to address the defect, it said.

Kia Defects Put Safety at Risk

Kia, unfortunately, is a frequent flier when it comes to safety recalls stemming from serious defects and malfunctions. The call backs often come long after affected cars have been sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Earlier this year, for example, Kia announced that it was recalling roughly 80,000 older Sorento Sport utility vehicles, citing possible engine fires. The company also acknowledged that it was not entirely sure what was causing the problem.

That move came mere months after Kia and parent company Hyundai announced a different recall over separate fire risks.

Legal Rights for California Kia Owners

Fortunately, Californians who own or lease Kias and other cars across the state do not have to wait for recalls in order to get many defective vehicles fixed. You have some important rights and protections under the state’s lemon law.

Known formally as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the California lemon law generally requires car manufacturers to perform a variety of repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. 

The law also requires automakers to buy back cars that they are unable or simply refuse to fix. A carmaker can instead offer to replace the vehicle, but it is up to the owner to decide whether to accept or reject this alternative arrangement.

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