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Lemon Law and Motorcycles, RVs and Boats

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California Lemon Law and Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Boats

When most people hear the phrase “California Lemon Law” they immediately think of a defective car. While California Lemon Law certainly applies to defective automobiles, the law also covers other types of vehicles, including motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats. Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California consumers who have purchased or leased defective vehicles are entitled to certain consumer protections. If you are experiencing a problem with your motorcycle, RV, boat or other watercraft, you should discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. California Lemon Law can be difficult to navigate on your own, and a knowledgeable lawyer will be able to identify all legal protections that may be available to you.

Consumer Protections for Motorcycle Owners

Dealing with a defective motorcycle is not only frustrating, it is also dangerous and can cause serious harm and injuries. Under California law, when a motorcycle dealership or manufacturer is unable to fix a defect after a reasonable number of attempts within the warranty period, the consumer may be entitled to legal relief. In order to fall within the protections of California’s Lemon Law, the consumer must have purchased the bike in the State of California and the motorcycle must have been repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Consumer Protections for Recreational Vehicles Owners

When you were purchasing your recreational vehicle you were likely thinking about the fun and adventure that lay ahead. You probably never envisioned that you would have to return your RV to the dealer multiple times or for months on end to try to fix the same problem. While you may be frustrated and angry, it is important to know that California law protects consumers who have purchased or leased an RV that turns out to be a lemon. These protections cover the “motor vehicle components” of the RV – the chassis, the chassis cab and the drivetrain system as well as the portions of your RV which are not motor vehicle components, such as the living facilities, slide-outs, generator, and water tanks.

Consumer Protections for Boat and Water Craft Owners

In California, consumers who have purchased or leased a defective boat or water craft may be entitled to protection under California Lemon Law. California law covers all types of consumer water crafts, from powerboats and yachts to sail boats and jet skis. Boat and water craft defects can be very dangerous. For example, if your navigation system fails or your engine gives out when you are on the open water, you could be at risk for serious injuries and deadly harm. Similar to other types of vehicles, if you have purchased your defective water craft in the State of California and the water craft was repaired within the manufacturer’s warranty period you may be able to pursue legal relief under California’s Lemon Law.

A California Attorney Can Help Guide You Through the Lemon Law Process

While the California Lemon Law provides strong legal protections, the specific provisions of the law can be challenging for consumers to sort through without the guidance of a skilled Lemon Law attorney. If you have questions about whether the law covers your motorcycle, boat or RV, discuss your situation with an attorney who has extensive experience handling California lemon law cases. Your lawyer will thoroughly analyze your lemon law case and help you to identify all avenues of legal relief that may be available. A Sacramento Lemon Law firm that focuses solely on California Lemon Law and can outline your options.

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