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Mazda Recalls Millions of Vehicles

» Posted November 28, 2016Resources | Share This Post

Many cars from a wide variety of manufacturers have been recalled in recent years. Just recently, Mazda announced that it was going to be recalling 2.3 million cars around the world. Mazda joins a very long list of car companies that have had to recall millions of vehicles due to problems.

As more cars are recalled and it becomes apparent that vehicle problems are entirely too common, every consumer should make it a point to know his or her rights when purchasing a car.  For example, car buyers should be aware of the California lemon law and know how this law can protect their interests.

More About the Recall

Fortune reported on the recent recall of Mazda vehicles.  According to Fortune, Mazda is recalling 2.3 million vehicles as a result of problems with rear doors and vehicle engines. The recalls involve the Mazda 3 car, as well as both the CX-3 and the CX-9 crossover SUV.

There are several different problems prompting the recalls.  Most of the recalls are necessary because there are problems with the hydraulic arm that holds the back door of the vehicle.  The paint on the arm could begin to rust, causing the hydraulic arm to stop functioning properly. Vehicles that were sold between 2007 and 2015 have begun to exhibit this problem with the back doors on the vehicles.

There is also another much more serious problem.  In 117,030 of the vehicles that are being recalled, there is a malfunctioning chip that controls the diesel engine. When the chip malfunctions, the engine on the vehicle could stop running. No accidents have occurred as a result of the malfunction, but of course it is very dangerous whenever there is a car defect that can cause the car's engine to suddenly lose power.

These recalls are not the first ones that have occurred due to problems with Mazda vehicles.  Mazda was forced to recall many of its cars as a result of the vehicles having Takata airbags. Many other car manufacturers also experienced problems with these same airbags, which could malfunction in a dangerous way by sending parts flying when the airbag deployed in the event of an accident.  Because of the costs associated with recalling the vehicles affected by the Takata airbag, Mazda reportedly lost $365.6 million in the quarter ending in March 31.

Car manufacturers can visit a recall information website that has been set up by Mazda so they can see if their vehicle was one of those affected by the recall. Mazda owners can also get updates on the status of vehicle recalls and can learn more about defects.

Car manufacturers clearly are not doing their jobs to release safe cars, with so many vehicles being recalled each year from so many different manufacturers. Those who own these cars are the ones who deal with the inconvenience of repairs and the risk to their safety when vehicles have problems. Car owners should know the law, including the lemon law.  Understanding your rights can help you pursue appropriate remedies when vehicle problems arise.

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