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News Report Shows the Impact of Purchasing a Lemon Vehicle

» Posted June 29, 2016Resources | Share This Post

Most people in California depend on their cars to get around.  You need your car to go to work, run errands, fulfill family obligations, and generally keep your life running smoothly. Cars are so important that when they start to cause problems, many people will buy a new one so they don't have worries related to the possibility of accidents, breakdowns or being stranded with no vehicle. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the new car you've bought is not the answer to your transportation problems, but is instead the cause of them. This can happen when you buy a vehicle that turns out to be a lemon.

When your car is a lemon and doesn't work properly after you buy it, you could end up in an accident or stranded, unable to get to important obligations, and spend hours getting the car repaired. Manufacturers or dealers should make things right and car buyers should be protected by lemon laws, but sometimes car companies fail to comply with their legal obligations.

A California lemon law attorney can provide help in situations where you have a lemon and you want a remedy before your life is impacted in any more adverse ways.

A Lemon Vehicle Can Have a Profound Impact on Your Life

KMOV reported recently on just how much of an impact a lemon car can have on a person's day-to-day life. The station reported: “A number of News 4 viewers in desperate need of transportation are crazed about what small car dealers did to them.”

One of the victims who was allegedly sold a lemon vehicle claims she ended up being out the money she had spent on the car that turned out to have serious problems. According to her story about the transaction, the vehicle broke down multiple times in the days after she purchased it. She documented these breakdowns and took the vehicle back to the repair shop repeatedly to determine the cause of the issues.

Because her car was breaking down repeatedly, the victim who bought the lemon vehicle was worried she could have become involved in a major car accident, but she felt no one cared about the risks associated with the defective vehicle. She also said she even lost her job because she was unable to get to work due to her unreliable transportation.

Her story is not a unique one. Complaints about autos and auto dealers are among the top 10 consumer complaints every year in the state where she lives.  A car is such an expensive purchase for many people, therefore, it is no surprise consumers complain when the vehicle they purchase turns out to fall short of expectations.

Anyone who has purchased a vehicle and considers the car to be a lemon should take action quickly in contacting a lemon law lawyer to learn about legal options and available remedies. The longer you remain stuck coping with a lemon on your own, the more of an adverse impact your transportation problems could end up having on your life.

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