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Porsche Taycans Called Back Over Battery Leakage Problem

» Posted October 31, 2023Resources | Share This Post

Luxury automaker Porsche is recalling nearly 5,000 electric Taycan sportscars over possible fire risks, the company recently told federal regulators.

Liquid could get into batteries in certain Taycan sportscars, increasing fire risks, Porsche said in a defect notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That is a serious threat for Taycan drivers and passengers, not to mention anyone else in traffic with them.

“Over time, if a sufficient amount of conductive liquid accumulates in the battery, arcing can occur, which could increase the risk of a thermal event,” Porsche told NHTSA.

Porsche said it is not aware of any fires or accidents stemming from the defect. Still, owners should be on alert for signs of a problem.

“If liquid enters the battery, a drop in insulation resistance results,” Porsche continued. “If the insulation resistance value drops below a defined threshold over time, a yellow warning message is displayed in the vehicle. If the insulation value continues to drop below a defined threshold over time, a red warning message is displayed in the vehicle.”

The recall covers certain 2023 Porsche Taycans that were produced between September 2022 and July 2023. 

The company plans to notify owners of recalled cars via mail by the end of October. Owners can check the NHTSA website in the meantime to see if their vehicles are included in the recall.

Porsche will ask owners to bring their vehicles to authorized service providers for inspection and repair.

“Porsche will conduct leak testing to detect the potential for leakage into the battery,” the automaker told NHTSA. “If testing indicates the potential for leakage, the battery will be replaced.”

Driving a Lemon? Know Your Rights

The Porsche recall is yet another reminder that even carmakers at the highest end have trouble ensuring that their vehicles are actually safe to hit the road.

The truth is that the world’s major auto manufacturers call back millions of vehicles around the globe every single year, citing a wide range of defects and malfunctions. Those recalls routinely come long after the vehicles have left factory floors and dealership lots, sold to unsuspecting buyers.

However, there is some good news for Porsche and other car owners in California. The state’s lemon law offers you some significant rights and protections.

The lemon law generally requires carmakers to perform various repairs on vehicles while they are under warranty. It also forces them to buy back covered vehicles that they are not able to or refuse to fix. That includes compensating the owner for the car’s purchase price, as well as financing fees, rental car costs and other related expenses.

Speak with a California Lemon Law Attorney

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