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Software Snafu is Behind Mercedes S-Class, EQS Recall

» Posted July 5, 2023Resources | Share This Post

Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 8,000 vehicles over a software glitch that could render some safety features useless.

Speedometers in the recalled vehicles may read 0 miles per hour at any speed as a result of the flaw, the company recently told federal regulators. The snafu could also impact the car’s anti-lock braking and systems, Mercedes said in a defect notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall covers certain 2022 Mercedes EQS 450 and EQS 580 vehicles. It also extends to some 2023 Mercedes S 580e, along with 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S580 and S680 vehicles.

The automaker blamed a software problem in the car’s electronic stability program (ESP).

“Under certain conditions, the ESP monitoring software could erroneously determine a fault condition,” Mercedes told NHTSA. “In that event, the ESP fault response would limit the functionality of the vehicle’s dynamics control systems (ABS, ASR, ESP, and EBD) and the speedometer would indicate a speed of 0 mph (0 km/h), regardless of the actual vehicle speed.”

“These might increase the risk of a crash,” Mercedes added.

The company plans to alert owners of recalled vehicles via mail by July 18, it told NHTSA. Mercedes will update ESP software to address the issue free of charge.

How the California Lemon Law Protects Mercedes Owners 

This is far from the first time that Mercedes has had to recall vehicles over serious safety concerns. Massive recalls are old hat for the German automaker and other car manufacturers around the globe.

Earlier this year, for instance, Mercedes announced that it was calling back about 70,000 sport utility vehicles to fix a window trim issue. The company told federal regulators that rear door window trim bars may detach on some GLE and GLS models, increasing the risk of an accident.

The recall came shortly after Mercedes called back more than 300,000 SUVs over stalling risks. The company told NHTSA this time around that water could build up in the vehicles’ spare wheel wells, setting off a device that causes engines to shut down.

Fortunately, Mercedes and other car owners in California have some important rights and protections when it comes to defective vehicles.

The  California lemon law requires automakers to perform a variety of repairs on vehicles while the cars are under warranty. It also forces those companies to buy back cars that they cannot or simply refuse to properly fix. That includes covering the purchase price, financing fees and other related expenses.

An auto manufacturer can instead offer to replace the vehicle under the lemon law. It is up to the owner, however, to accept or reject this alternative arrangement.

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