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Software Update Problems Lead to Global Aston Martin Recall

» Posted December 15, 2017Resources | Share This Post

Many consumers buy expensive cars because they believe those vehicles will be safer and more reliable. Unfortunately, there have been serious problems prompting recalls of cars at all different price points in recent years, and drivers of both inexpensive and costly cars have faced problems that make their vehicles unsafe or unable to be driven. A California lemon law lawyer can provide assistance to vehicle owners who have problems with their cars and who need help enforcing their rights.

One of the latest auto makers to be forced to recall vehicles is Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. Aston Martin is a British sports car manufacture. It has recalled 1,658 Vantage cars as part of a global recall, according to Reuters.

Aston Martin Recalls 1,658 Vehicles

Aston Martin initiated the recall of its Vantage cars after a routine software update caused the vehicles to begin having problems. The software update was to the transmission software on the vehicles.  Unfortunately, after the update occurred, some Aston Martin Vantage vehicles in China experienced serious problems. Vantage owners in China reported that their cars stalled or reported that their vehicles lost power.   Customers began making complaints about these problems back in 2014.

In response to complaints coming from the customers, a team of Aston martin engineers finally went to China in May of 2017. The engineers determined that there was a problem caused by the fact that some of the Aston martin dealerships in China did not properly reset the clutch position following the software updates performed on the automatic transmission system. Typically, when a software change occurs, the engagement position of the clutch must be re-taught to the system. The majority of dealers throughout the world completed this process automatically, but several dealers in China did not do so.

Aston Martin indicated they were taking responsibility for the vehicle problems because they should have provided more explicit instructions to dealers and customers, especially as some of their dealers in China might have less experience operating and maintaining the British sports cars than other dealers do.

When the clutch isn't re-taught the biting point after a software update, there is a chance that the car could stall initially when it is returned to operations. The engineers found that cars could also experience unusual noise and vibration. The visit to China was necessary to discover this, as Aston Martin engineers were unable to replicate the problems with the cars in their own laboratories.

Aston Martin vehicles cost approximately $380,000, so although the recall is a small one, it will have a significant cost.  Owners deserve to be able to count on their expensive cars to operate properly, so problems that lead to recalls are unfortunate.

Of course, all vehicle owners – regardless of how much their cars cost – have the right to expect reliability, especially when they purchase new vehicles. A California lemon law lawyer should be consulted by car buyers who experience problems with their cars and who want help exploring their options for pursuing an appropriate remedy.

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